Top 10 Must Read Manga

I’ve Been reading manga for years.I’ve Read all kind of mangas from wholsome romance to dark fantasy.Today most of the mangas are translated simultaneously with japanese release .As a result,we can enjoy some of the best manga series.

In assembling this list,I looked for every genre and theme found out the mangas that many manga fans including me can agree that they are a must read.I personally think there are manga for everyone that they will like.I hope, one or more of the follwing mangas piques your interest.So,here is our list of top 10 Must Read Manga.

Grand Blue

Authors: Inoue, Kenji (Story), Yoshioka, Kimitake (Art)

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life


Iori Kitahara makes a college debut he never expected after moving out on his own to a seaside town. A new chapter in his life begins, filled with diving with beautiful girls and shenanigans with a slew of lovable bastards! Kenji Inoue, an idiot expert, and au-naturel authority Kimitake Yoshioka bring you a glorious college storey filled with booze-fueled antics!


Authors: Nagai, Go (Story & Art)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Supernatural


Hordes of demons, once thought to be eternally imprisoned in the underworld, have now returned to Earth. As demons seize human hosts, evil and corruption begin to seep into our world. The only way for humanity to be saved is to use the demons’ power against them–-and only a pure-hearted man like Fudo Akira can do so without losing his humanity. Akira, who was once nothing more than a crybaby, now wields the terrible power of a devil while possessing the innocent soul of a man–-Devilman!

I Am a Hero

Authors: Hanazawa, Kengo (Story & Art)

Genres: Drama, Horror


The zombie apocalypse has never been so bizarre! A mentally disturbed manga artist witnesses the start of a zombie outbreak in Tokyo and is certain of only two things: he is destined to be the city’s hero, and he possesses something extremely rare in Japan—an actual firearm!

Rurouni Kenshin

Authors: Watsuki, Nobuhiro (Story & Art)

Genres: Action, Drama


Rurouni Kenshin is the storey of a revolutionary patriot fighting to keep his bloody past hidden in Japan’s new Meiji era. Battosai Himura’s role in the revolution was so infamous that he was given the moniker “Hitokiri” (Manslayer). Himura reverted to his original name of Kenshin, reversing the blade on his sword to make it non-lethal, swearing never to take another life, and resuming his life as an ordinary rurouni (wandering samurai).

He meets Kaoru Kamiya, a fiery girl who runs the local dojo and is the first of several friends to accept him for who he is rather than who he was. But Kenshin’s past will not leave him alone, and with old rivals resurfacing, groups attempting to disrupt the hard-won peace, and those eager to face the legendary Battousai all chasing after Kenshin, can he protect those he cares about while keeping his oath?

Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror

Authors: Ito, Junji (Story & Art)

Genres: Avant Garde, Drama, Horror, Supernatural


 Strange things are starting to happen in the seemingly normal small Japanese town of Kurozu-cho. Residents are obsessed with spirals, whether it’s whirlwinds, snail shells, pottery, or anything else with a spiral design. But, when strange events begin to occur in the town, with spirals appearing in disturbing places, will anyone be able to escape their horrifying pull?

Vinland Saga

Authors: Yukimura, Makoto (Story & Art)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama


Ten years ago, Thors, a powerful warrior, was killed in a fight with Askeladd, a powerful and ruthless Viking. Thors’ son, Thorfinn, became consumed with rage after witnessing his father’s death and vowed to exact revenge on his father’s killer in an honourable duel. With nowhere else to go, Thorfinn was recruited onto Askeladd’s ship and began assisting the crew in pillaging settlements and duping gullible armies.

Now, the young boy spends his days honing his battle skills and carrying out Askeladd’s orders in order to earn his reward of a duel with the ruthless captain. Will the day ever come when Thorfinn can finally defeat Askeladd and put his father’s memory to rest, despite having failed in all of his battles with the man he despises so much?


Authors: Urasawa, Naoki (Story & Art)

Genres: Drama, Mystery


Dr. Kenzo Tenma is a brilliant surgeon working in post-Cold War Germany with a promising future. He is admired by his coworkers, adored by his patients, and is about to marry his boss’s daughter, the lovely Eva Heinemann. When two patients in desperate need of emergency surgery are wheeled into Tenma’s hospital one day, he is forced to choose between saving the orphaned boy who arrived first and saving the mayor of Düsseldorf, whose recovery would raise the hospital’s profile and boost his own career.

Tenma, despite his superior’s orders, does what he believes is right and saves the child. However, his decision not only jeopardises his prospects, but also sets in motion a chain of events so terrifying that they could have come from the depths of his worst nightmares. Tenma embarks on a journey across Germany in search of a formidable young man who will test his morals, love of life, and even his sanity.

Tokyo Ghoul

Authors: Ishida, Sui (Story & Art)

Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural


Shy Ken Kaneki is overjoyed to go on a date with the lovely Rize. But it soon becomes clear that she is only interested in his body—that is, in eating it. Ken is drawn into the dark and violent world of Ghouls, which exists alongside our own, after a morally dubious rescue transforms him into the first half-human half-Ghoul hybrid.

One-Punch Man

Authors: Murata, Yusuke (Art), ONE (Story)

Genres: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural


Saitama decides to become a superhero for fun in a city overrun with thugs, mutants, and supervillains. He imagines an exciting life where he is constantly challenged by tough opponents, but after three years of intense training, he has become so strong that he can defeat every enemy with a single punch! His dream of confronting difficult foes has gone up in flames, and his overpowered life is now filled with overpowering boredom.

Then, a cyborg named Genos discovers Saitama’s incredible ability and begs him to make him his disciple. Saitama isn’t interested in taking on an apprentice, but Genos isn’t going down without a fight. Can he persuade the disillusioned hero to teach him the secret to his power? Will Saitama ever find a worthy foe to battle?

One Piece

Authors: Oda, Eiichiro (Story & Art)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy


Long ago, the infamous Gol D. Roger was the most powerful pirate on the high seas. He revealed, as he was about to be executed, that he had hidden all of his wealth, including the legendary treasure known as One Piece, on an island at the end of the Grand Line – a treacherous and truly unpredictable sea. Monkey D. Luffy is a vivacious, energetic, and slightly dim-witted young man with a lofty goal: to find One Piece and become the Pirate King! Luffy, on the other hand, is no ordinary young man, having consumed one of the Devil’s Fruits as a child and gained the ability to transform into a Rubber Man as a result.

Now, in this grand age of pirates, Luffy sets out to gather a crew and sail to the world’s most dangerous sea in order to fulfil his dream… and perhaps even his appetite!

Which one of these mangas Piques your interest let me know in the comments.


11 Good Manga to Read

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