ScalaHosting Review: The Ultimate VPS Hosting.


By means of today’s booming web hosting industry, it may seem that looking for the most suitable provider might be too good to be true. This raises the question of how one would be able to differentiate and find the best option out of the numerous ones available.

In today’s article, we’re exploring ScalaHosting, a relatively recently rapidly growing provider of affordable, scalable, cloud-based VPS hosting and stable uptime. Should you host your site at ScalaHosting? Let’s find out.

1. The Basics of Scala Hosting:

A Decade of Excellence in Web Hosting

ScalaHosting was founded in 2007 and has a rich experience and positive reputation among clients due to the provided services and constant innovations. Managed cloud VPS hosting is their main product, which is positioned as the reliable, fast, and supported web server management solution.


  • Founded: 2007
  • Primary Offering: Fully Managed Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Uptime Guarantee: 99. 9%
  • Customer Support: Live help; E-mail; Phone support-available 24/7
  • Data Centers: This has its operational units in the US and Europe.

ScalaHosting is designed to offer reasonable prices, fast and reliable services, as well as a strong customer service that could be appreciated by both business people and individuals.

Ready to elevate your hosting experience? Get started with ScalaHosting today and enjoy premium features at competitive prices.

2. Unpacking the Features: Why Choose ScalaHosting?

Features That Pack a Punch

Another aspect that speaks volumes for ScalaHosting is that it offers cutting edge services that are basically aimed at those users that are either beginners in the field of web development or those who are more experienced and require a plethora of tools and features to work with.

Shared Hosting Plans

ScalaHosting offers its clients shared hosting that is suitable for small websites or blogs. They offer:

  • Mini Plan: 10GB of NVMe storage, transfer as many as 100 GB per month.
  • Start Plan: Unlimited websites, 50GB disk space, daily backup on offsite.
  • Advanced Plan: 100 GB NVMe storage, priority support.
  • Entry Cloud Plan: A separate CPU and RAM, 50 GB upgradeable NVMe SSD storage.
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Managed VPS Hosting

For those, who require additional power, managed VPS hosting at ScalaHosting will suit you perfectly. Key features include:

  • SPanel: A free and easy to use web hosting control panel that is an efficient substitute of cPanel.
  • SShield Security: Real time protection against virus and other threats on the computer.
  • SWordPress Manager: Most WordPress tools help in the management of the site.

Cloud Hosting

ScalaHosting’s cloud hosting plans offer flexibility and scalability:ScalaHosting’s cloud hosting plans offer flexibility and scalability:

  • High Performance: SSD storage and top-notch caching for a rapid page loading speed.
  • Scalability: It’s easy to add or remove the resources that are required by the users.
  • Redundancy: This way, multiple data centers guarantee high availability of services.

Curious about the features? Explore ScalaHosting’s plans to find the best fit for your website.

3. Performance and Reliability: Speed and uptime

The Foundation of Your Internet Identity

As in every business, the issues of performance and reliability are critically important in the sphere of web hosting. ScalaHosting performs remarkably in the two aspects.


ScalaHosting also has LiteSpeed Web Server and SSD storage to make the pages load faster. Their servers are also optimized and caching is integrated in their system making the site very fast and user friendly.


With a 99. 9% guarantee uptime, ScalaHosting makes sure that your website is up and running most of the time. That reliability is for sustaining the traffic and search engine rank as well.


ScalaHosting puts a lot of emphasis on the security of their clients’ websites. Their SShield security system gives a real time protection against viruses and other threats. There are also free SSL certificates for security, and daily backup to ensure security of the data.

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4. Pricing: Affordable and Transparent

Quality Hosting Without Breaking the Bank.

ScalaHosting has relatively cheap prices that offer good value for the services offered. Here’s a breakdown of their plans:Here’s a breakdown of their plans:

Shared Hosting

  • Mini Plan: Starts at $2. 95 monthly with an annual subscription, renewed at $11. 95 per month.
  • Start Plan: It starts from $ 5. $95 per month with an annual plan, renews at $14. 95 per month.
  • Advanced Plan: It ranges from $9. $95 per month with an annual payment of $71, renews at $19. 95 per month.
  • Entry Cloud Plan: It even goes for as low as $19. 90 per month with an annual subscription, renews at $33. 95 per month.

Managed VPS Hosting

  • Build 1: $25 and up. $95 per month with an annual commitment although the renewal price is $49 per month. 95 per month.
  • Build 2: Retails at $44. The yearly plan costs $95 per month, renewals at $91 per month. 95 per month.
  • Build 3: Priced starts at $69. $95 per month with an annual agreement, renews at $165 per month. 95 per month.
  • Build 4: Range from $94. 95 per month with an annual prepayment, renews at $239. 95 per month.

Cloud Hosting

Pricing for our cloud hosting is tiered by resources and starts at about $12 per month.

Take advantage of ScalaHosting’s competitive pricing. Sign up now and get the best deal for your website.

5. Customer Support: There for You When You Need Them

Support That Has Your Back 24/7

A good customer support is mandatory for any web host, and ScalaHosting has taken this into consideration.

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24/7 Availability

ScalaHosting provide the 24/7/365 customer support through live chat, phone, and mail. Their support team is well-mannered, friendly and always available to address the clients’ concerns or inquiries.

Knowledge Base and Tutorials

Along with the live support, ScalaHosting offers a vast knowledge base and direct video tutorials to help you overcome literal difficulties as soon as possible.


The Final Verdict on ScalaHosting

Hence, ScalaHosting can be considered as a solid and stable web hosting company that offers shared hosting as well as VPS and cloud hosting solutions. They have concentration on performance, security, and client service, which makes them a rival in the hosting business.

For instance, it can be a personal blog or an e-commerce site, a small business, or a large company – ScalaHosting has everything that a modern web owner may need and experienced specialists who will help to turn the business into a success. Due to the affordable prices combined with unique functionalities, ScalaHosting can be a great choice for your web hosting provider.

Are you ready to feel the power and reliable hosting services of ScalaHosting? Join today and make your website more appealing and attractive to your clients to boost your business. You have nothing to lose with their 30-day money-back guarantee and everything to gain.

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