13 best romance manhwa with male mc

13 Best Romance Manhwa With Male MC

We’ll suggest some of the best Romance manhwa with a male main character. If you’re single, you’ll fall in love with a fictitious character and have a fictitious boyfriend/girlfriend. HAHA!

Such manhwa have a very interesting storyline, it’s like the characters are really wholesome, their quotes are on point, and literally everything is on point! And if you’re a romance fanatic who fantasises about such a love life, you’ll enjoy reading this blog!

Most of the Romance Manhwa Has Women As Main Lead and most of the time If a Manhwa has Male Mc Then it is a action manhwa, but there are some manhwa with Male Mc. Here are some of those manhwa.

13. Devilish Romance

romance manhwa with male mc

Sitri, a middle-tier devil, falls to Earth as a human after being wrongfully imprisoned in devildom and searches for a serial killer who can transport him back to his origin. He meets an obstinate, strict human boss whom he initially despises; however, he eventually develops feelings for her. Love has no bounds, but… does it? What will happen to them?

12. The Night When the Crow Caws

romance manhwa with male mc

The beautiful and talented Woogang is constantly pursued by the women around him as the hottest actor in the action genre. However, when a mysterious agent on a secret mission breaks into his home, he is the one who falls in love at first sight. Unfortunately, he has no idea who the lovely stranger is… until she appears at his workplace as Detective Park Taeyi to investigate a bomb threat.

It soon becomes clear that she is no ordinary cop, but rather an elite member of the Secret Intelligence Agency on the trail of a criminal organisation known as “The Crows.” When the actor attracts The Crows’ attention and requires the agent’s protection, fate brings Woogang and Taeyi closer together. Can Woogang break through Taeyi’s cool exterior and win her heart as they face their dangerous adversaries?

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11. She’s Hopeless

romance manhwa with male mc

Gabin, despite coming from a wealthy family, is a bullied outcast at school. That doesn’t mean she tolerates bullying from other students; Gabin is known for her fiery personality. Concerned for Gabin’s safety, her family offers Tae-ung $500,000 to transfer schools and act as her bodyguard. Will Tae-ung be able to protect her from the school bullies while remaining anonymous to Gabin and the other students?

10. Winter Woods

Winter was created by an alchemist a few thousand years ago. In exchange for telling her his story, Winter begins living with Jane, a writer. Winter learns the meaning of being human through their interactions, and Jane, without realising it, begins to see a man who has changed her life in more ways than she could have imagined.

9. Unlovable Replacement

The main characters are Chiko, who just recently broke up with his girlfriend, Millie, and is sulking at home. When November arrives at his doorstep to deliver pizza, things start getting weird. You’ll breeze through episodes with laughter and cringes while smiling at the unlikely friendship between the two. All the characters have backstories and have their own motives.

8. Skill of Lure

Jang Sung-gi is frequently misrepresented as a pervert and a worthless man! He meets a mentor who transforms him into a charismatic man?! A cool and edgy story about an ordinary guy who becomes the greatest “pick up artist”… A story about misbehaving men who are always attempting to pick up girls!

7. Because It’s Love

Ki Seung-joo is a multi-talented young top star with it all. Yoo Lee-hyun is a newcomer to the celebrity scene who is quickly making a name for himself. While they navigate the ups and downs of celebrity life, Lee-hyun is also determined to resolve an issue from her past. Both are obsessively focused on their careers. But their chance meeting on the set of a variety show ignites something in them that neither of them has felt before…

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6. Your Smile Is A Trap

Kiyu, an ex-idol trainee, has spent his entire life being admired by everyone for his good looks. But he fantasises about ordinary high school life, so when he puts on glasses to blend in with his peers, he discovers that making friends is much more difficult when you don’t have your looks to fall back on. Not to mention that he’s socially awkward, his new seatmate has a permanent scowl on her face, and his fans have followed him to his new school.

5. Lethal Romance

Yubi lives the fast-paced life of a legendary martial artist on the hunt for her father’s assassin. Shinwoo is the aloof teen heartthrob with a golden heart who is looking for his leading lady. Their destinies appear to be predetermined as heroes of their respective genres. However, when their worlds collide in a miraculous twist of fate, the two band together to deviate from the paths that were originally laid out for them.

To combat assassins, terminal illnesses, and unnecessary love triangles, they’ll have to combine tropes from both the action and romance genres. Will these misplaced protagonists be able to overcome the odds and find their happily ever after as they enter each other’s worlds and learn about one another’s struggles?

4. Girls of the Wild’s

Wild’s High School has a 42-year history as a fighting-specialized, girls-only, private high school for the elite. It is also the location of the Wild’s-League, the most popular event in the country and the only place in the world where teenage girls compete in brutal fights with their lives on the line. One year, the school transitioned from a girls-only to a mixed-gender environment. Song Jae Gu, the only male student, has been awarded a full three-year scholarship regardless of grades.He accepted because he had to spend every waking moment either working or caring for his younger brother and sister. But after meeting Queen, the bloody champion of Wild’s-League, drenching her in coffee, calling her a monster, and being caught spying on her while she was taking a shower… his scholarship may prove fatal.

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3. The Girl Downstairs

romance manhwa with male mc

When Joon moves into a new apartment for his first day of college, he has no idea that an ex-celebrity, Duna, is living downstairs, hiding from her past. Joon finds Duna odd and initially avoids her, but soon finds himself in her room without realising what he is getting himself into.

2. Mystical

Garam has always enjoyed drawing, but his ambitions to become an artist have been put on hold since his mother’s death. He moves into his grandmother’s empty house by the ocean in order to become more self-sufficient and focus on his art. He meets his greatest muse there: a mystical water creature with no recollection of her past. It’s now up to Garam to help her remember what she’s forgotten.

1. The Nuna at Our Office

Manager Son’s mundane office life takes a sweet turn when he is transferred to a new department. There, he meets Manager Ahn, an older colleague whose expertise and charming demeanour astound him. Manager Son, on the other hand, realises there’s more to her strong, independent front than meets the eye as he gets closer to her. And soon enough, he realises why office crushes can be so complicated.


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