25 best ntr manhwa that you should definetly read

25 Best NTR Manhwa that You Should Definetly Read

Manhwa have seen a quick ascent in their prominence as of late and have been giving manga a strong contest. It isn’t just titles like Solo Leveling and Begining after the end that are getting individuals’ consideration.
Among these webtoons, the NTR kind has stood apart for certain fans. NTR manhwa implies things that hazard a relationship.
First and foremost, what is NTR in manhwa? Rather than diving deep into it, we should just place it in single word: Cheating. Or on the other hand you can likewise say that the story affects individuals misleading their accomplices by having a sexuál relationship.

In the wake of perusing these grown-up webtoons for some time, some way or another, they felt interesting.

Assuming you’re searching for some astounding NTR manhwa that has hot milfs, tricking housewives, and a fairly upsetting storyline, this list is for you.

25. Lady Long Legs



Ji Hyunwoo, the male protagonist in this story, has been a loser for most of his life. Suddenly, he is presented with a magnificent opportunity to improve his life. To do so, he must sign a contract with that wealthy and powerful lady, which will make him hers. Although that may sound like a dream to many guys out there, Hyunwoo’s life does not improve.

These webtoons typically feature a generic plotline involving a strong dominant male and a weak and cowardly female. The situation is completely reversed in Lady Long Legs, as the male character is quite wimpy while the female character is rich and powerful.

24. Secret Class



Dae Ho, who became an orphan at the age of 13, was adopted by a friend of his father. However, as an adult, Dae Ho knew nothing about the male-female relationship. Aunt and sisters decided to give pure Dae Ho a private lesson… Secret Class is one of the most entertaining H-webtoons available. The only NTR is when the aunt cheats on the uncle with MC; otherwise, it’s a good harem manhwa.

23. Redemption Camp



Da-past ae’s and present are riddled with dark secrets. It was past time for someone to notice. The only problem is that Gitae, the minister’s son, is not your average person. He gathers all of the victims of Da-heinous ae’s actions and begins the road to her redemption.

22. Hero Manager



Cha Hyeon-seong had it all: incredible abilities, a promising future as a hero, and a lovely girlfriend. He then lost his abilities, became a menial manager for other heroes, and was dumped. At the pinnacle of his despair, Hyeon-seong meets Son Ga-yeong, a former hero who has also fallen from grace. After a passionate night together, they realise that with a little more grit, Hyeon-seong has the potential to be the greatest hero manager of all time. It’s now time for him to get up and go to work! It has one of the best artworks, a good story, and a pretty good and beautiful female lead.

21. No Holes Barred



A dom named Hyesol is looking for a new “friend” for her sub partner. Sunhwee, who has recently returned to college after a three-year hiatus, is spotted at a party. Sunhwee is eager to meet Hyesol, but he is surprised at how quickly things escalate to the next level. Hyesol makes it her mission to break him in and promises him pleasure beyond his wildest dreams. All Sunhwee has to do is… step outside of his comfort zone.

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20. Sadistic Beauty



When the seductive Chun Duna returns to town, the lives of two men are turned upside down. On one end, there’s student Woo Haesol, whose timidity reveals a man desperate to be dominated. On the other side is Professor Byun Minho, a male chauvinist who considers Duna to be his mortal enemy. Under the watchful eye of a sadistic beauty, tempers flare as pain transforms into pleasure. This is not a story for everyone; it is a toxic story with parts that will make you sick. They are not pretty at all, but it is quite interesting. However, if you prefer not to see something toxic or that will leave you sensitive, do not watch it.

19. Unfaithful



The story of a young professor’s infidelity with one of his students while his wife is in a coma.

This Manhwa is Full of Misunderstanding and NTR .The Plot is Kind of Intresting for a H-Manhwa,but not that much.the art is decent.You can give it a try.

18. Let’s Swap



Lustful desires unleashed in the most extreme situations… Why don’t we… swap partners?

In this Manhwa everyone cheats on their partner,It is absolute defination of ntr.The Artwork isn’t that great.I put this on the list because it’s Suits the ntr genre.

17. Daughter In Law



I just lost my son, but his bride-to-be, my almost daughter-in-law, is still living with me. What should I do?

In this Manhwa the wife cheats on her husband before he died,then after he died she has a relation with his father.The Art is unique and good,the plot is decent.You can read it if you want.

16. Private Visitation



A young soldier learns that his girlfriend is cheating on him, and the devastating news sends him into a sleepless rage. His constant jerking off to his ex-girlfriend alarms the other soldiers, and the situation is quickly brought to the attention of the entire unit. Then one day, an unexpected visitor appears…!

The MC is kind of irritating he has many great girls he sleeps with but he still has feelings for his brothers girlfriend who always reject his advances although she likes her,and then sleeps with her brother knowing her brother cheats on her.So, if you don’t focus that much on the story the art is amazing you will definetly like it.this is what you are looking for.

15. New Town



eacher… Is it possible to add more classes?” A special class by ‘Himchan’, a workbook teacher, who never gets quiet for a day because of married women in a dense new city.

The story is basically is this, the MC is a private tutor who goes home to home to tutor children and as time passes is starts having with the childrens mothers.This manhwa is full of Milfs so, if you like milfs this is for you.

14. The Housemaid



A sexually frustrated, depressed father ignored by his wife and son, has a mid-life crisis when a beautiful live-in housemaid arrives at the house.

In this story both the husband and the wife cheat on each other.The husband cheats on the wife with their beautifull maid in the image above and the wife cheats on him with her old friend or ex.so,this story is full of ntr.

13. Don’t Be Like This! Son-In-Law



Ae-rin is an attractive woman who’s in her 40s. Her son-of-law, Ji-hoon can’t stop thinking about Ae-rin since they started living together…

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In this manhwa the mc cheats on her wife with his mother-in-law.the Mother-in-law is verry pretty.This is one of my favorite H-manhwa.The artwork is great and story is pretty decent.

12. My Stepmother’s Friends



“I have seen you in the videos!” He finds his beautiful stepmother and her friends’ secrets and gets deeply tangled up with them.

The story doesn’t have that much,but the artwork is godly.The MC has pretty much a Harem with his stepmother and her 3 friends and one of the friends younger sister.

11. Soothe Me



Jung Hoon is a freelance novelist who is enjoying his first year of marriage as a newlywed. Despite his wife’s devotion, their marriage is always unsatisfactory. Then, by chance, he meets Eunjoo, the girl next door with a sensual body, and Jung Hoon’s mind is filled with her.

The artwork is pretty good.The scenes are pretty great.it is one of the best ntr manhwas you can read.

10. Daddy’s Wild Oats



Won-yeong is feeling the strain of family life. With a wife and three children to support, the bills continue to pile up. Worse, he hasn’t been laid in over a year… Talk about a stressful situation! Nonetheless, as the sole breadwinner, he resolves to rev up his ideas and earn some money in any way he can. Work should just fall into your lap when you’re handsome, bright, and eager to please, right? Fortunately for Won-yeong, an old acquaintance reappears and makes him an offer he can’t refuse. It’s time to put that talent to use… and release some of that pent-up “stress”!

In this manhwa the MC is the one who is cheating on his wife.The MC is scumbag who sleeps with kind of every other women in the manhwa later he also sleeps with his friends wife and daughter.

9. One’s In-Laws Virgins



I’m having an affair with my brother’s wife and a girl I used to have feelings for, but she has feelings for my brother. I also have three hot daughter-in-laws, which complicates my love life even more.

This manhwa has one of the best art in all of H-manhwa.The story is also pretty good.The MC Sleeps with his sister-in-law and her sisters.

8. My Wife’s Friend



Hyun-su is tired of his arrogant wife, a lawyer, after a few years of marriage. Woo-hee, a seductive coworker, tries to seduce Hyun-su while he is living in a sexless marriage. But when he discovers her dangerous secret, his life is forever altered.

The wife of the mc is a pretty big bi##,who cheats on him with her boss while the mc loved her and faithfull to her.The art is pretty decent and story is also decent ,you can give it a try.

7. Craving



“You should give it a shot; I’m sure you’ll love it…” Her desire for sex, which she had kept hidden from her husband in order not to disappoint him, is now becoming unbearable… The more she tries to resist these impulses, the more her primal instincts take precedence over her reasoning… This type of sexual desire is directed at Tae Yeol, the secretary, rather than her husband…

In this story the female lead cheats on her husband with his secretary.the artwork is great the story is also good.You should definetly give it a try.

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6. Cohabitation With My Ex-Wife



“Shall we have sex one more time?” Tae-oh and Ga-eun made the decision to divorce. On their way to court, Tae-oh asked Ga-eun if they could have one last sex. The relationship regained its spark after that point.

The wife thought mc had cheated on her so there relation became unstable and they divorced,although the mc didn’t cheat.But after the divorce the mc get in a relationship with the same girl his wife thought she cheated on her,so they still have a misundertanding but they still sleep with each other.You should definetly give it a try.

5. Secret Campus



Taejun and Yuna are senior citizens who are envious of everyone on campus. Tae-joon, who usually preferred a different game, suggests ‘Threesome’ to Yu-na, but she refuses to play with her colour. Taejoon, whose curiosity is piqued, contacts Yu-na, her roommate, who is rife with sexual desire…

The story is pretty messed up,female leads bf gets bored of normal se# so he contacts another guy to forcefully sleep with her girlfriend it’s his kink.The female lead is very pretty and you can give it a try if you like this kind of H-manhwa.

4. Thirst: for Lust



Ji-hee and Won-chan have been married for two years without having any sex. Despite the fact that they genuinely love each other, they both feel empty in their marriage at times… “Isn’t it okay to have sex with someone just once…?”

In this manhwa Both the Wife and the husband cheats on each other.The artwork is pretty good.If you are looking for NTR manhwa This is what you are looking for.

3. My Kingdom



Hyun-soo makes money for Gun-chul, a tyrant who runs his gang with unparalleled charisma. He wishes to leave it all behind, but is too afraid. Things begin to change, however, when Gun-girlfriend, chul’s Mee-hee, approaches him following an incident…

This is one of the most famous H-manhwa among the H-manhwa Readers. This is one of the few H-manhwa which has a pretty good storyline.Although the manhwa is filled with NTR.But regardless you should definetly read it.

2. Queen Bee



Landlords can be cruel at times, and their daughters can be even crueller. Junie had a similar experience with a landlord’s daughter who had humiliated him since his childhood. Junie had no choice but to tolerate everything she threw at him because she was the landlord’s daughter. But everything has a limit, and Junie snapped after a series of incidents. He decided to exact revenge on her, and since we’re talking about manhwa, you can probably guess what that entails. But will the landlord’s daughter discover this?

1. Household Affairs



Doing such things is risky because the people involved are always at risk of being caught. But what happens when a wife decides to put her marriage with her assassin husband at risk? We’re here to find out in Household Affairs, where the twist is that the wife has no idea her husband is a murderer. Si-Yeon is a neglected wife because her husband is always on the go. She ends up making out with a handsome delivery boy because she can’t control her sexual desires any longer. But she is in for a surprise.


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