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37 Best Historical Romance Manhwa

When is comes to Romance Manhwa the most fan favorite genre is Historical Romance Manhwa.A strong and Beautifull Female Lead accompanied by a strong and Handsome Male Lead and also likeable side Characters.

Historical Romance Manhwa have amazing art with its story of how the main characters changes her life step by step and with good amount of Romance.Historical Romance Manhwa are treat to watch.So for all the Romantics at heart who wants to read Historical Manhwa with Romance this list for you.Here 37 of the best Historical Romance Manhwa.

Living as the Tyrant’s Older Sister

When I opened my eyes, I was in the world of a fantasy novel! Alicia, the future tyrant’s older sister, is the beauty I see in the mirror! She’s neither a protagonist nor an antagonist, but rather a minor character who is beheaded by the (upcoming) tyrant’s younger brother. My entire life revolves around avoiding the fate described in the novel. Finally, I seduced the male lead’s merchant friend, who doesn’t appear much and was about to leave the country with him. How-e-ver.

The man who spent the night with me had an extraordinary face. “I’m pretty sure the name I heard yesterday wasn’t that one. What was it, I’m not sure. Sir Lancelot, I believe.” “Oh, that’s my pal.” “…” “What’s the matter, is there a problem?” Excuse me, but are you asking if there is a problem? A great deal. There’s a lot of it. …. What’s with the male lead on my bed?

Seduce the Villain’s Father

I awoke in the world of my favourite web novel after being in a bus accident. Not only that, but it was prior to the protagonists’ birth, in their parents’ world! To avert a series of bad events from occurring. I attempted to prevent the kidnapping of the female lead’s pregnant sister! But instead, I was kidnapped?!

It’s depressing to be kidnapped, but my body couldn’t handle the mana and morphed into a sunfish. But… if I’m near the emperor who kidnapped me, my body returns to normal! Right! The only way to keep that man from marrying a witch and being killed by his son, and to keep someone vulnerable to mana like myself alive, is for us to marry!

When the Villainess Loves

I’ve taken on the body of a princess and am now living on borrowed time. But don’t worry, we can cure this illness! My ambition is to live a life in which I can do whatever I want! First and foremost, I decided to extol all of my favourite characters in the novel! People around me are wary of me because I am a villain… “You’re going to die soon, but how can you laugh like that?” It’s because I’m super hot.

I Raised Cinderella Preciously

We’ve all heard the storey: the glass slipper, the unappealing stepsisters, and a night with the prince until the clock strikes midnight. I’ve been reincarnated as Cinderella’s “wicked” stepmother in that classic storey! Widowed twice by the age of 37 and with three daughters, my goal is to ensure that each of them has a suitable partner and their own happily ever after… and perhaps a nice future for me as well! But who is this dashing young baron who is constantly approaching me?

Beware of the Villainess

I became the antagonist in a novel! Do I despise it? No! It’s quite nice, in my opinion. A duke’s daughter is a rich person who is unemployed. How could I possibly pass up such an opportunity?! This is your best chance to simply enjoy life. I should abandon the main plot and simply live my life! I saw my fiancé, the novel’s male lead, the crowned prince, cheating not long after waking up as the villain.

I saw him embrace someone other than me, and he was beaming brightly. I was moved to tears… I didn’t cry, I swear! My tears are too valuable to be squandered on that nonsense. Instead of crying, I exclaimed, “Your highness, are you trash?” The main character has the personality of a cool soda! The girl-crush protagonist who will completely derail the main plot! Why? Because being surrounded by cheap cars is a waste of a girl’s time.

A Symbiotic Relationship Between A Rabbit And A Black Panther

My coming-of-age ceremony revealed that I was a rabbit shapeshifter who couldn’t even transform into a human. My family dismissed me as a halfling and placed me in a basket… “Are you crying?” Go ahead and cry some more.” Then I was kidnapped by a black panther with a terrible personality. “You don’t have much stamina.” I’ll eat you the next day, so keep trying.” This fearsome beast. The black panther’s eyes glistened as they stared at my trembling face. “How exciting.” I think he’s insane, Mom! Surviving a fairly insane black panther. “No matter what it is, wild beasts are possessive.” …. Is it conceivable?


We all despise the avaricious villains who are hell-bent on sabotage. Enter Carnelia Easter, the dreadful secondary villain of the romance I’m reading, who forced the prince to marry at the evil empress’s command. I didn’t cry when her head was severed, but now I’m Carnelia! Instead, I need to play this smart and persuade him to divorce me! Still, with the prince, the empress, the heroine, the second prince, and my deteriorating health, this storey is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Will I make it in the end?


After being reborn as Everia Oberon, a romance novel villain destined for an evil life and a tragic death, an office worker decides to avoid the drama by retiring to the countryside. Everia, who has moved to a frigid region full of nonflammable wood, summons archmage Theoharis to warm her home with his azure flame, not realising that she has entered into a lifelong contract! Can she say goodbye to the quiet life now that she’s the master of a bloodthirsty (but breathtakingly handsome) demon dog?

Why Are You Doing This, Duke?

“Don’t make such a sad face, my sweet songbird– my eternal love.”
When my little songbird is sad, it feels like the whole world is pouring.”
“Rowan Peruka,” the duke known to many as the grim reaper.

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This Is An Obvious Fraudulent Marriage

The empire had destroyed the Sophen country. Leylin Efran, the sole daughter of a count family, had to find a husband in order to inherit her family. Leylin decided to find a husband for a one-year contract marriage so she wouldn’t have to suffer through a loveless marriage. A young and daring man appeared before her in the midst of her quest. Leylin was convinced that this is the right man for her, but is he truly the solution to Leylin’s predicament?

My Secretly Hot Husband

Erden, also known as the “Monster Lord,” is to marry Letitia. He is the Lord of Halstead Castle, and he always wears a mask to hide his frightening face. As a result, Letitia became known as “the woman who married the monster” and was pitied by others. However, there is a secret that most people are unaware of.
– I’ll be eternally grateful to you, wife. You’re always so nice to me.
– Because I am your wife.
– We need to divorce so you don’t have to deal with such problems in the future. But I’m sorry I misplaced the divorce paperwork. – Because I set fire to them.
Could Letitia assist Erden in discovering his true beauty?

Please Throw Me Away

Dele was adopted to replace a lady who died of a rare disease. She had worked her entire life to be loved, but she was abandoned as soon as her younger sister was born. Then, on her way to an arranged marriage, Adele was assassinated by unknown assailants. “…Is this all a dream?” But when she opened her eyes, she was transported back in time three years! Because she is destined to be abandoned when her younger sister is born, she tries to live her life the way she wants this time, but things continue to go wrong. “Didn’t you care about me?” And a mysterious knight in black continues to pursue her…

The Villainess is a Marionette

The Villainess is a woman. The Imperial Princess, Marionette Cayena, was regarded as the most beautiful woman in the Empire. She was a woman who had only known evil and luxury.
She was, however, doomed to failure: she would be used as a chess piece by her younger brother to secure his throne and murdered by her insane husband.


So I’ve transformed into Yunifer Magnolia, the villain who is insanely jealous that Duke Ishid Lucrenze, the devastatingly handsome hero, only has eyes for Raelle, Yunifer’s best friend. Yunifer torments Raelle to the point where she is killed off at the end. But now I’m Yunifer. UGH! The good news is that I reincarnated a year before her tragic death, so there’s still time to make sure Ishid and Raelle have a happy ending (and I stay alive). The bad news is that I got drunk and woke up next to Ishid.

The Duchess With An Empty Soul

On the day I discovered the truth, I died miserably. The truth was that my fiance had a secret lover, and it was my cousin. A miracle occurred on the second morning following my twentieth birthday. I decided then and there that I would no longer believe in love. I want a relationship with no strings attached and no superficial feelings like love.
“Will you marry me, Duke Agentine?”
This proposal was nothing more than a marriage for show, with no love involved.

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Penelope Eckart reincarnated as Duke Eckart’s adopted daughter and the villain of a reverse harem dating sim. The problem is that she started the game on the hardest difficulty, and no matter what she does, she dies at every ending! In order to survive before the “real daughter” of Duke Eckart appears, she must choose one of the male leads and reach a happy ending.

But her two brothers, as well as a crazy crown prince, are constantly picking fights with her over trivial matters. There’s even a magician who is madly in love with the female lead, as well as a devoted slave knight! However, the male leads’ favorability metres increase the more she crosses the line with them!
This is the storey of Penelope, who was dropped into an insane reverse harem dating sim!

The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother

In a 19+ reverse harem novel, I unintentionally took possession of someone.
The issue is that I morphed into Roxana Agriche, the sub-older villain’s sister. My father abducted the heroine’s brother. Is the only thing left to meet a terrible end at the hands of the heroine’s vengeance?
But what if I can avoid that dreadful outcome?
“I’m interested in this toy as well.”
‘I’ll protect you until you can safely leave here.’
Cassis Pedalian, the heroine’s brother, will undoubtedly be able to repay me later.

I Tamed a Tyrant and Ran Away

God gave me the opportunity to relive my life. Prior to my rebirth, I had served as the empire’s sword for the previous 400 years. As a result, I vowed to demolish the empire. I found the country’s young prince and became his teacher. I instructed him on how to become a tyrant and requested the country.
“I will carry out the lady’s wishes.”
He conquered the entire empire for me, and I fled.
“I came to take you, Charlize Ronan,” Dylan said, transforming into a perfect tyrant and searching the entire empire for me.
“You tamed me, so why did you flee?”

What It Means to be You

Princess Violet was sent to marry Winter, the duke’s illegitimate son, in exchange for clearing the royal family’s massive debt. “I’ve never met a more wonderful man in my life.” Violet fell in love with her husband at first sight, but their arranged marriage was doomed from the start. “I wouldn’t have come here if it were easy. Just for this one time……” “Do you realise how much money has been moved while you’ve been wasting my time standing here?”

Violet was sceptical that such a busy man would bother to attend her funeral three years later. When she made the decision to end it all… “What is going on…?” Violet stared blankly at herself in the full-length mirror in her bedroom. Winter Blooming, her husband, was staring back at her. What caused them to switch bodies? “I guess I’ve gone completely insane now.”

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A Way to Protect the Lovable You

I was compelled to marry a man who despises me. This was to be expected, given that my mother had murdered his family. “Before we get married, I want you to promise me something.” After 6 months of marriage, I want you to divorce me. – “I know you were coerced into marrying me. We don’t need to prolong an unfavourable marriage, do we? – Unwanted marriage? – he puzzledly repeated my words. – This is a safeguard for you, beloved!

The Dragon Prince’s Bride

Sylvia had experienced more than her fair share of adversity. She’s never felt free, having been abandoned by her husband, sold into slavery by her father, and now ruled by a harsh master. Everything changes, however, when she comes across an injured stranger in the woods. Despite his initial hostility and the language barrier, Sylvia decides to assist him at all costs. She’s determined to save him from a terrible fate, and he’s become her new hidden treasure. But she had no idea he’d be a prince — or that he’d kidnap her as his bride! As Sylvia embarks on this unexpected journey, she is confronted with a difficult question: can love be her freedom, or is it just a new prison?

Princess Imprints a Traitor 

Her last memory was of the royal family being destroyed by the Homunculus, who caused treason and drowned in the scheme of their brother standing by their side, by swallowing poison. “I…I’m not dead,” she said when she opened her eyes again.
She realises she has returned to the past and is eight years younger. It was before the third emperor, who will be the next heir, was officially chosen. A chance to save the imperial family by pressing the third emperor Bridgette and being recognised as the heir.

Evenrose decided to write her own article about Michael, the king of Homunculus and the monster of public prison, as part of her preparation in order to win the emperor’s heart.
“I require your assistance, Michael. Quite badly.”
Will Evenrose be able to apprehend him and keep the imperial family safe?

The Great Wish

Sienna Argent appeared to have it all: a stunning appearance, extraordinary skills, and a certain position on the throne. It is predetermined that she will become the Silver King and, eventually, the Emperor… So, why is she suddenly wary of those around her? Her mother, half-brother, and a mysterious figure all appear to be involved in her future. Is Sienna doomed to a tragic end?

For Better or For Worse

I know I’ll be the ML’s wife for a while until his real wife, also the FL, appears. Because things had changed so drastically, the only thing I could do was try my hardest. But, to some extent, I may have gone too far. “It’s so fortunate that someone like you became Cedric’s partner,” many people said. “… I’ll admit it.

Dylan, it’s a stroke of luck that you were chosen to be his wife.” “It’s such a lucky coincidence that you were chosen to be the Lady of the Brighton House.” Cedric also uses vulgar language that makes me sad, as if he didn’t expect his partner to be me. I’ll have to leave once his true destiny is revealed.

I Didn’t Mean to Seduce the Male Lead

A baroness who lost her husband when she was young. I’ve taken over the body of “Eleanor Maurice.” But I only have four lines of dialogue in the original storey! I’ve finally achieved a respectable position in this society after pouring my blood, sweat, and tears into it. I’ve been offered a sweet deal by this prestigious Eleanor. You’re telling me that if I can introduce the male lead to the female lead and help the original plot come true, a large sum of money will be well within my reach?!

I go to the residence of the male lead, ‘Leon,’ hoping for a bright future, but… “Your issue is…” “I fell in love with you at first sight the other night.” You don’t realise I went there to kill two birds with one stone! Despite her futile justifications, Eleanor is condemned as the nation’s scandal maker, introducing Eleanor’s heart-warming yet bitter storey!


Liandro was cursed at a young age, shunned by his family, and rejected by the only people he ever loved. As a novel’s supporting character, he is doomed to a life of misery and loneliness. That is, until a sympathetic reader is unexpectedly transported into this fictional world as his maid, determined to change his fate! Can Evelina finally free Liandro from his dreadful fate and help him find true love?

The Viridescent Crown

Historical Romance Manhwa

An ordinary graduate student was reincarnated into the novel “Eternal Love,” which she wrote when she was 15 years old. However, instead of arriving at the start of the original storey, she reincarnated seven years later. She reincarnated as Ran Romea de Lachia, the stepdaughter of the male lead – a character she didn’t even know the name of before reincarnating.

The Stepmother tormented the male protagonist, Yustav, to the point where he began to distrust other women. Ran tries to alter the course of events, but their parents and younger brother are still killed. With Yustav away at the Academy and his uncle in charge of the family home, Ran is forced to work as a housekeeper for two years before embarking on the “Male Lead Happiness Plan,” in which she will join him with the female protagonist and give him his chance at happiness.

The Princess’s Double Life

Historical Romance Manhwa

A master of deception. Grand Duke Hexen, the well-known tyrant of the battlefield, came to see the genius swindler and death-row prisoner, Viper, who had roused the Empire, one day. “Hey, I need a little help from you.” “How can I assist you?” “I’d like to try to become Emperor.” “…Huh? You?” Someone who is known as the Imperial Family’s disgrace. The insane northern dog. The tyrant of the battlefield. What should I do with someone who has muscles for brains? “You must devise a means for me to ascend to the throne.” Otherwise, there will be no life.”

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I Became the Wife of the Male Lead

Historical Romance Manhwa

ossed the body of “Fiona,” the final villain whose soul was sentenced to eternal suffering following her gruesome death at the hands of the world’s hero. Her own family tortured her simply because she was an illegitimate child. So… arriving six years before the novel’s start, I was sent to war at the age of thirteen! Fortunately, Fiona, the story’s most heinous villain, was a brilliant mage. I had to stay alive during the monster invasion. But I couldn’t be in the middle of a battleground right now. I came across the teenaged male lead just as I was about to run out of breath. What brings him here? The world will be destroyed if the male lead dies here. So, first and foremost, let us save him!

Asmodian’s Contract

Historical Romance Manhwa

Yurisina, the demon lord’s daughter, was living a normal demon’s life when she was summoned by a dying human. Marianne, the first princess of the Paedin kingdom, is not just any human. Marianne requests that Yurisina exact revenge on the person who poisoned her, as Yurisina lives on in her body.

I’ll Be The Matriarch In This Life

Florentia was reincarnated as the illegitimate child of the empire’s richest family.
She had assumed that everything would go smoothly in the future.
But her father had died, her relatives had abandoned her, and the honourable family she was so proud of had been completely ruined….

But is this true?

She drank a little (a lot) and was hit by a carriage. She was seven years old when she opened her eyes again.
Furthermore, the Second Prince, who was her family’s enemy in her previous life, is following her around like a dog!
“Tia, you’re more beautiful than I am.”
“….Are you sure you’re not kidding me?”
“No. “I really mean it.”
Okay, the Second Prince and his family are both mine!
I’ll have to become the Overlord in this life.

Why Ophelia Can’t Leave the Duke’s Family

Historical Romance Manhwa

Ophelia became a member of the Duke’s Family as a result of her mother’s divorce. Her mother and stepfather, on the other hand, were killed in a carriage accident. Ophelia was unable to flee the duchy late at night after the funeral because of her stepbrother, Alexander. The two gradually grew closer and more attracted to one another, but one day, an investigator arrives and says some shocking things…

Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married!

Historical Romance Manhwa

I’m a Jubelian? The duke’s daughter and the novel’s antagonist?
As this was my second attempt, I was able to avoid death by having some prior knowledge about my life. I should be able to live a peaceful life from now on!
“I’m not going to marry a man who doesn’t have everything.” “I want the richest, most famous, and most capable man there is.”

I imagined a glamorous life as the duke’s daughter, but my father informs me that the Crown Prince, who is known to be a lunatic, is to be my husband! I couldn’t help but start a contract relationship as an extraordinary measure. That is, with a handsome side character who is more attractive than the main character.
“Why are you attempting to avoid getting married to the prince?”
“He’s terrifying. He even kills his own entourage if he doesn’t like them, according to what I’ve heard.”
A few days later, the prince sent me a dreadful letter.
“I will not murder you.”
Oh no, did I set myself another death trap?

The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass

Aria’s social standing skyrocketed after her prostitute mother married the count. Aria, who has led a lavish life, is unjustly sentenced to death as a result of her sister Mielle’s schemes. And, as if in a dream, he sees an hourglass fall just before he dies. As a result, it was miraculously transported back in time. “I aspire to be a very elegant person, like my sister, Mielle.” She must become a more malevolent villa in order to face anger. This was Aria’s new plan for vengeance against Mielle, who had murdered her and her mother.

The Villainess Lives Twice

Historical Romance Manhwa

“Your brother needs to do well for you to do well, Tia.” She elevated her brother to the throne by committing a slew of heinous crimes. Her dedication, however, was met with betrayal. Her arch nemesis, the righteous Grand Duke Cedric, was the one who helped her when she was on the verge of death.

The Villainess Needs A Tyrant

Historical Romance Manhwa

I just stole the lips of a man who is well-known for being a tyrant. In front of Arinel, my younger cousin who stole everything I owned in my previous life. “How come you kissed me?” “Because, Your Majesty, my younger cousin adores you.” “Is that correct?” His arms encircled my waist. In an instant, the formed distance vanished. My vision was filled with the cold-blooded, powerful man’s smile. “Put your lips together. If you’re going to do it, do it right.”


Historical Romance Manhwa

the illustrious daughter of a duke and the Emperor’s personal assassin, the leader of ‘Owl.’ I gave everything to my Lord, but all I got in return was betrayal, deception, and death. “I will exact my vengeance on you.” Even if I die, I will never forgive you!” Her life was cut short by the guillotine after she accepted full responsibility. But when she opened her eyes again, she realised she had been transported back in time to the age of 17.

I made the decision to destroy Ferdi, a country that the Emperor loved more than his own life. “Milady, you are stunning. Particularly those fiery red eyes of yours.” Diceon, the Prince from the enemy country who personally sent the order to send Aideen to the guillotine, unexpectedly began to interfere with her life! Aideen, the woman abandoned by the Emperor, has resurrected, and her second life to exact revenge and destroy her homeland is now unfolding!


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