13 Best Dubbed Romance Anime for you to watch

13 Best Dubbed Romance Anime for You to Watch

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best dubbed romance anime. The thirteen anime listed below are all incredible works of art in terms of visuals and plot. They’re also excellent dubs of the originals.

Are you a fan of romance anime who prefers to watch it dubbed? Or, do you prefer to watch subbed anime but want to try your hand at English voice acting? If you said yes to either of these questions, you should watch the best romance anime dubs.

This list only includes the best dubbed romance anime in English; excellent dubs can be found in a variety of languages. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best romance anime with English voice acting.

13. Gamers!

dubbed romance anime

Aired: 2017

Episodes: 12

“Would you like to be in the Gamers Club with me?” Amano Keita is a perfectly average loner with no distinguishing characteristics other than his fondness for video games. Tendo Karen, his school’s most beautiful girl and Gamer Club President, unexpectedly calls out to him one day. That moment forever alters Keita’s life, as he now finds himself in the middle of a romcom with beautiful girl gamers… or, at least, that’s how it usually goes. Not with him, though.

12. Nana

Aired: 2006

Episodes: 47

Nana Komatsu is on her way to Tokyo, where she will finally be reunited with her boyfriend after a year of long-distance dating! Nana Komatsu meets Nana Osaki on the train, a girl with the same name who appears to be everything Nana Komatsu is not: cool, street-wise, and a punk rocker.

The two hit it off and spend the entire journey getting to know each other, but when they arrive in Tokyo, circumstance separates them for what appears to be the last time. But fate hasn’t given up on these two. The two Nanas cross paths again while looking for a place to live.

They decide to share a flat and quickly become best friends. Nana K. must learn to be independent and mature, while Nana O. strives for fame with her band; however, they will learn about love and loss, as well as the growth that comes with it, together.

11. Masamune-kun’s Revenge

dubbed romance anime

Aired: 2017

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Episodes: 12

Makabe Masamune, an overweight child, was mercilessly teased and bullied by one particular girl, Adagaki Aki. Makabe begins a rigorous regimen of self-improvement and personal transformation, determined to exact his revenge on her one day. Masamune reappears as a new man years later.

Masamune-kun, who is handsome, popular, has perfect grades, and is good at sports, transfers to Aki’s school and is unrecognisable to her. Masamune-kun is now ready to confront and humiliate the girl who bullied him so many years ago. But will vengeance be as sweet as he imagined?

10. My Love Story!!

Aires: 2015

Episodes: 24

Takeo Gouda is a giant guy with a giant heart. Too bad the girls don’t want him (they want his good-looking best friend, Sunakawa)! Used to being on the sidelines, Takeo simply stands tall and accepts his fate. But one day when he saves a girl named Yamato from a harasser on the train, his (love!) life suddenly takes an incredible turn!

9. Kimi ni Todoke – From Me To You

dubbed romance anime

Aired: 2009

Episodes: 37

Sawako Kuronuma is just like any other high school girl who wants to make friends and contribute to her community. The only problem is that she looks suspiciously like Sadako from ‘The Ring!’ People are not only terrified of her because of her reputation; small dogs even bark in fear of her presence; in fact, the only person in school who will talk to her is the lively class hottie, Kazehaya. As the two spend more time together, Kazehaya gradually brings Sawako out of her shell, and their feelings for each other grow stronger.

With her crippling insecurities, lack of social skills, and a string of cruel rumours and misunderstandings, it appears that Sawako’s dream of a normal life will be more difficult to achieve.

8. Nisekoi

Aired: 2014

Episodes: 20

Raku Ichijo is your typical high school student. He is also the sole heir to the head of a Yakuza Family known as the Shuei-gumi. Raku made a secret promise to a girl he met ten years ago. They made a promise to each other that they would “get married when they reunite.” Raku has never let go of the pendant the girl gave him.

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7. Say “I love you.”

dubbed romance anime

Aired: 2012

Episodes: 13

Mei Tachibana hasn’t had a friend or a boyfriend in 16 years, and she has no plans to change that anytime soon. Years ago, the outcast realised that social obligations only lead to pain, and she has carefully guarded her heart to avoid being hurt.

The girl, on the other hand, can’t stay withdrawn forever, especially after attracting the attention of the handsome Yamato, who finds her caustic personality appealing and wishes to date her after she roundhouse kicks him down the stairs. Even the most sincere romances can be derailed by jealousy and insecurity, and this couple has plenty of both. Will their feelings for each other be able to overcome their own emotional flaws, or will this love die before it even begins?

6. My Little Monster

Aired: 2012

Episodes: 13

In a brand new love storey, an impassive girl meets a troublemaker! Mizutani Shizuku, a girl whose only interest is studying, is asked to deliver some handouts to Yoshida Haru, a boy who hasn’t shown up to school since spilling blood on the first day, and she finds herself the object of his affection. This is a storey about a boy and a girl who are dealing with issues of love and friendship. Opening yourself up to others forces you to be truthful with yourself.

5. School Rumble

Aired: 2004

Episodes: 26

Tenma Tsukamoto is a young, bright student who is madly in love with Oji Karasuma, the school’s hottie. She’s desperate for his attention, which is unfortunate given that he barely gives her any! Throw in Kenji Harima, the school delinquent with a crush on Tenma, and you’ve got yourself a twisted love triangle of unrequited proportions! Can love bring the trio happiness before their attention-seeking stunts hurt them more than their egos?

4. Special A

Aired: 24

Episodes: 2008

Hikari Hanazono has struggled to beat her rival Kei Takashima in anything since their first meeting when she was six years old, whether it was athletics or academics. She has been unsuccessful thus far, and Kei constantly refers to her as “second place.” In reality, Kei has been in love with Hikari for quite some time, but Hikari is completely unaware. Now, as the top two students in a prestigious academy, the duo continues their long-running rivalry as members of the school’s elite Special A class of seven. Will Hikari ever be able to surpass Kei… or realise how much he adores her?

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3. Kamisama Kiss

Aired: 2012

Episodes: 13

Nanami used to live in a run-down apartment with her father, a man who spent half his time gambling and the other half hiding from debt collectors, until the scoundrel ran away one day, leaving his daughter hungry and homeless. That is, until she encounters a mysterious stranger in the park who proclaims her the new goddess of a nearby shrine! Unfortunately, Nanami’s new home is occupied by Tomoe, a fox familiar who is offended by the presence of a mere mortal and immediately begins bickering with her.

If she can reach an agreement with the difficult man, he will be obligated to accept and assist her in carrying out her responsibilities. But there’s a catch: Nanami has to kiss him first, and who wants to kiss that horrible guy?!

2. Maid-sama!

dubbed romance anime

Aired: 2010

Episodes: 26

Misaki Ayuzawa, President of the Student Council at the almost-all-boys Seika High School, works tirelessly every day to make life easier for the school’s small population of co-eds. Though she is an unholy terror to all things male during the school day, she secretly works after school at a maid cafe in Akihabara to support her impoverished family. However, when campus hottie Usui Takumi walks into the restaurant during her shift, she finds her school reputation at his mercy…

1. Toradora!

Aired: 2008

Episodes: 25

Ryuuji Takasu’s life is full of twists and turns: his classmates think he’s a delinquent because of his ‘killer’ eyes; his crush Minori is always out of reach; and he’s just had an unfortunate encounter with ‘palm-sized Taiga’ – a feisty and dainty wench in his class. With opposing cleaning habits and temperaments, the two clash like night and day; that is, unless Taiga and Ryuuji have crushes on each other’s good friend! With school rumours flying around, the pair must now collaborate to play matchmaker for each other. Who will be reunited with their true love?


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