13 best bl manhua for yaoi lovers

13 Best BL Manhua For Yaoi Lovers

BL Manhua have consistently been one of the noticeable genres in the manhua world. Similarly as how we incline toward understanding fantasy, action, romance, and such genres, BL manhwa has a lot of fanbase.

On the off chance that you haven’t read a solitary BL manhua yet, we suggest you take a stab at understanding one, and in any event, it’ll give you an awesome encounter.

All the more critically, BL manhua shows you another world on how human relations can fluctuate and furthermore gives you a decent message as “There can even be love between two people with same genders.”

Since each stage upholds these connections and some even revere it as the most flawless relationship. All in all, for what reason don’t we check some cool BL manhua while we’re grinding away? We should start the rundown of best BL manhua then, at that point.

He’s Been Searched By The God

Genres:Comedy ,Shounen Ai


The first hot search in his life is the straight male actor who can’t bend X wave to the flying eighteen-line small transparent life, but it was rubbed up by the male god? After eight years of unrequited love, I expected to die alone. My celebrity has returned, and I still need to have in-depth conversations with me??! — “Are you in a foster relationship?” We’re sorry, but we’re legal husbands.

Black Lotus

Genres:Manhua, Romance, Shounen Ai, Soft Yaoi, Tragedy


President with No Heart x Gentle Pianist! Wen Nian’nan had cold eyes and a scarred body after three years of squandered effort. He became enraged as he looked at the ring on his hand, which represented a broken promise. “Gu Yansheng…” Do you want to let me go? Fine…” Gu Yansheng, shocked by the truth, brought his bodyguards to break open Wen Nian’nan’s door a few months later, and Wen Nian’nan rejected him with a sneer. How does one alleviate the etched-in-the-bone pain? What is the best way to deal with an indefensible misunderstanding? Will the two be able to revert to their former selves?



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Aiden first met Bryan at a survival idol audition. They are now preparing to make their debut as Crescendo, a duo unit. But something happened, and nothing will ever be the same again…

Devil’s Lover

Genres:Shounen Ai


After being killed, President Qi travelled to another world. I thought I was brave enough to save the world until I was dressed up and placed on a marriage bed and realised I had to become the devil’s bride!! Will the demon God, who is flirtatious and fond of one person, and the president, who appears cold and arrogant, have a child?




He is a cheerful, amusing, upbeat, and obscure actor. He is a gracious, generous, and composed general manager. They began a long journey of attracting each other because of a strange request. What are they supposed to do? Of course, becoming lovers is nonsense.

Gentle Treatment

bl manhua

Genres:Drama ,Boys’ Love


Tae Xu believes that if there is one person in the world who is always against him, it is Charles Duan. This guy enjoys irritating him at all times and places by calling him “toy boy,” stealing his brother, and stealing the woman he likes. However, they all agree that Charles is charming and well-liked.

Tae believes that getting rid of him is necessary. He is the type of person who believes that actions speak louder than words. But why is Charles so enthralled by Tae’s vengeance? Tae, who was taken aback, couldn’t help but agree with him. Life is always dangerous for those who live in the underworld. Tae and Charles, despite falling in love with each other, have inexpressible secrets and goals for which they will never give up.

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Shush! I’m Not Your Pet!

Genres:Shounen Ai


When I stopped a cat from being abused, I became a cat. And I had to put up with this “animal shaman” who turned me into a cat! I have to put up with it if I want to revert to my human form! Meow!

Shush! Hide Your Tail

bl manhua

Genres:Adventure Shounen Ai


The werewolf boy, a “heretic,” was in danger as part of the vampire’s cruel cleansing plan. He was unintentionally saved by a man named “traitor.” The haughty and irritable young wolf cub was given to a man who couldn’t make a living! It could only be a complete disaster! The only way out was for everyone to help each other, but the journey to find a place to live was fraught with difficulties. The killer who was both good and evil, the mysterious bar’s human boss, and the sickly vampire who believed in science.

Delighted to Meet You

Genres:Historical, Yaoi


He was a prince who was extremely cunning and devious. But he was born sinister and ruthless, manipulating people in his palm. And he, a young carpenter, became obsessed with all the clever things. He appeared to be a nerd, but he was one-of-a-kind and the best of the best. They were made to be a perfect match for each other, like jade. The lives of these two brilliant individuals were abruptly intertwined.

How to Train Your Demon King

Genres:Fantasy, BL, Adventure


Yan Wenan discovered a mysterious village being attacked by hundreds of demons while exploring the wilderness. He became entangled in a magical formation intended to kill the Demon King, Zhuo Yu, and obtained a portion of the Demon King’s soul as a result. Since then, the Demon King has been forced to live in the modern world with Yan Wenan, blending into human society.

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Bow Before My Wealth!

Genres:Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Yaoi


The master saluted and said, “Now that you are my disciple, you must obey me.” What is our ancestor’s most famous motto? Milk tea crisp: Master, there are only you and me in this sect. What happened to the ancestor? Master rose to his feet and saluted: “How dare you!” Just respond to me! Crisp milk tea:… Beat the hell out of Yue Jianchun and that b*tch’s son!!!

In The Starry Depths

bl manhua

Genres : Fantasy


Strange things have recently happened to Bai Xi, heir to the wealthy Bai family, so his parents decided to hire Han Zhuo—a mysterious bodyguard—to keep him safe. This bodyguard, who is skilled both on the battlefield and in the kitchen, can even transform into an adorable little star! While a massive conspiracy emerges behind the saccharine sweetness. The presence of Supernaturals, human modification, anagalactic life, and other factors have now put an end to Bai Xi’s normal daily life… and a crisis has begun to spread…

My Boss Is A Goddess

bl manhua

Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance


There are many special, one-of-a-kind, and glamorous people in this world. There are those, however, who play a supporting role in these relationship dynamics. Lin Mu was one such character, in which he portrayed a wallflower.

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