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Top 15 Best Shoujo Romance Anime to Watch

shoujo is the name used in order to indicate that genre aimed at a young female audience.Shoujo Genre have many subgenres but the most popular shoujo subgenre is Romance.
In this List, I’ll mention 15 shoujo romance anime: I tried to pick those masterpieces that stuck in the viewers’ hearts.So,Lets get started.

Soredemo Sekai wa Utskushii

shoujo romance anime

Despite her own reservations, Nike, the fourth princess of the Rain Dukedom and one with the power to summon rain, travels to the Sun Kingdom to marry Sun King Livius for her country. She quickly realises that the King, who conquered the world in only three years after ascending to the throne, is still a child! Furthermore, for insignificant reasons, he has demanded that Nike summon the rain…?!

Akagami no Shirayukihime

Shirayuki was a young girl with distinctive apple-red hair. She meets Prince Raji, a famous but foolish prince who falls in love with her at first sight and orders her to be his concubine. Shirayuki cuts her hair and flees to a neighbouring country because she has nowhere else to go.

While travelling through the forests, she meets Zen, a young boy who assists her after she bravely heals his wounds but is poisoned by an apple given to Shirayuki. Meanwhile, Prince Raji dispatches henchmen to look for her. What will become of Shirayuki? What is Zen’s true personality? A refreshing fantasy storey about an optimistic heroine and a prince who is always on the lookout for her.

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Erika Shinohara, a vain 16-year-old girl, tells her friends about her romantic exploits despite the fact that she has no boyfriend. She claims that a handsome boy in a candid photo is her boyfriend, but the boy is actually a classmate named Kyouya Sata. She has no choice but to pretend he is her boyfriend. Unfortunately, Sata may appear to be a nice person, but he is a cold-hearted sadist. Sata takes advantage of Erika’s vulnerability and treats her as if she were his dog.

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

Miyazawa Yukino has always been a braggart. She was always striving to be number one, to be the best at everything, and to be adored by everyone. Then she meets her match: Arima Souichirou, who appears to be as perfect as she aspires to be. But no one is as they appear… Because whenever Yukino returns home, she sheds her ojou-sama (princess) persona — and puts on headbands, reading glasses, and sweatpants. Miss Congeniality is a scheming, petty con-artist with a streak of nerdy bliss.

Of course, Yukino isn’t the only one with a secret, as Arima isn’t quite what he appears to be. In her haste to become number one, she declares Arima her arch-enemy, but then he confesses his love for her…

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Sukitte Ii na Yo

Mei Tachibana used to be a normal girl who liked to hang out with her friends. But, after a traumatic incident in which all of her so-called friends abruptly abandoned her, Mei’s concept of friendship was forever altered. To avoid having to go through the same horrible experience again, she decides to avoid people as much as possible, and ideally, to never make any friends again. This strategy appears to have worked reasonably well in her current high school experience, and she didn’t mind being perceived as gloomy and strange.

However, the appearance of Yamato Kurosawa—one of the most popular boys in her high school—shakes her stable foundation as an introvert and causes her to question whether or not her choices were correct. Yamato not only does not ignore her as everyone else appears to be doing, but he also freely gives her his phone number! As their relationship grows and is marked by an unexpected kiss, Mei finds it difficult to adjust to this new way of life, and even more difficult to express her true feelings for Yamato. Sukitte Ii na yo. follows their growing relationship as well as their frequent disagreements to show how difficult it can be to say “I love you.”

Kamisama Hajimemashita

shoujo romance anime

Nanami Momozono, a high schooler, has been having a lot of problems lately, starting with her absentee father being in so much debt that they have lost everything. She comes across a man being harassed by a dog while downtrodden and homeless. She explains her situation after assisting him, and to her surprise, he offers her his home in gratitude. When she discovers that her new home is a dilapidated shrine, she attempts to flee, but is apprehended by two shrine spirits and a fox familiar named Tomoe.

They mistake her for the man Nanami rescued, Mikage, the shrine’s land god. Tomoe leaves abruptly, refusing to serve a human after realising Mikage must have sent her there as a replacement god. Rather than returning to the streets, Nanami devotes herself to her divine responsibilities. But if she is to keep things running smoothly, she will need the assistance of a certain fiery fox. In her bumbling attempt to track down Tomoe, she gets herself into trouble and ends up signing a contract with him.

Now, as god and familiar, the two must travel the path of godhood together; however, it will not be easy, as new threats emerge in the form of a youkai who wants to devour the girl, a snake who wants to marry her, and Nanami’s own unexpected feelings for her new familiar.

Lovely Complex

Based on Nakahara Aya’s shoujo manga, which was serialised in Margaret. As the comedy duo, Risa and Ootani are constantly mocked. Risa, a girl, is taller than the average girl, while Ootani, a boy, is shorter. The two are constantly bickering, and their teacher regards them as a comedy act. However, as their friendship grows, so do Risa’s feelings for Ootani.

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Kimi ni Todoke

shoujo romance anime

Kuronuma Sawako is the ideal heroine… for a horror film. She is frequently mistaken for the haunting movie character Sadako due to her jet-black hair, sinister smile, and silent demeanour. But behind her frightening exterior hides a very misunderstood adolescent. She is too shy to fit in and all she wants to do is make some new friends. But when a popular boy in class befriends her, she is bound to make more than just friends — she is about to make enemies as well!

Akatsuki no Yona

shoujo romance anime

Yona has been raised with great care by her adoring father and protected by her childhood friend/guard Son Haku and others because she is the only princess of a grand kingdom. However, on her 16th birthday, her beloved cousin Suwon murders her father in order to claim the throne. She flees the castle and settles in Son Haku’s hometown, where she begins her new life.

Bokura ga Ita

Nanami Takahashi, a 15-year-old high school student, falls in love with and begins dating Yano Motoharu, the most popular guy in school. Their relationship, however, is difficult to sustain. Yano’s past, as well as the complex emotions it evokes, make it difficult for him to be completely honest about how he feels. Yuri Yamam is caught in the middle… more Nanami Takahashi, a 15-year-old high school student, falls in love with and begins dating Yano Motoharu, the most popular guy in school. Their relationship, however, is difficult to sustain.

Yano’s past, as well as the complex emotions it evokes, make it difficult for him to be completely honest about how he feels. Yuri Yamamoto, Yano’s now-dead ex-younger girlfriend’s sister, and Takeuchi Masafumi, Yano’s best friend, are caught in the crossfire. Yuri’s history with Yano is more complicated than one might suspect, and her feelings are more complex than she portrays in public. Takeuchi values Yano’s friendship, but he risks losing it for someone close to him.

Nanami must look deep within herself to discover her true feelings for Yano while also being able to trust and accept Yano’s feelings for her, determining whether Yano is the one for her or if someone else can provide better solace. Nanami will get advice from her love-obsessed friends Mizu and Taka along the way.

Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun

Mizutani Shizuku is the type of student who is only concerned with her own grades. However, when she accidentally delivers lesson notes to Yoshida Haru, he believes they are friends. Haru has a very innocent personality, but who would have guessed that Haru would actually confess to Shizuku? A cold-hearted girl and a super-troublemaker fall in love with a new perspective.

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Ao Haru Ride

shoujo romance anime

In middle school, Yoshioka Futaba was in love with a boy named Tanaka Kou. However, due to a misunderstanding, their friendship ends when he transfers schools during summer vacation. In high school, her life is turned upside down once more when she meets Kou, this time under the alias Mabuchi Kou.

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama

shoujo romance anime

The romantic comedy revolves around Ayuzawa Misaki, the student council head, who despises the mostly male, slovenly population at her school, which was once an all-boys school. However, Misaki’s quite handsome classmate, Usui Takumi, has recently discovered her secret: she works after school at a maid cafe.

Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi is a poor tomboyish student at an ultra-wealthy school, able to attend thanks to a scholarship but unable to afford a uniform. One day, she comes across the oddly named but wildly popular Ouran Host Club. She tries to leave, but she accidentally breaks a vase, and because she can’t afford to pay for it, she’s told she’ll have to stay and do odd jobs. That is, until they decide she is more valuable as a member of the club. They fix her up and give her a male uniform, not realising she’s female due to her appearance.

She’s an instant hit, so they decide to keep the charade going even after they discover the truth. Haruhi, who is average almost to a fault, has no idea what to make of the Host Club’s unconventional activities (or the even more unconventional members), but she has no choice but to play along. Before long, genuine bonds are formed, new friendships are formed, and Haruhi finds herself accepted in a way she could never have been in this affluent school.

Fruits Basket

Tooru Honda, a 16-year-old high schooler, takes matters into her own hands after a family tragedy turns her life upside down and moves out… into a tent! Unfortunately for her, she chooses to build her new home on private land owned by the enigmatic Souma clan, and it isn’t long before the owners discover her secret. But, as Tooru quickly discovers when the family offers to take her in, the Soumas have their own secret: when hugged by the opposite sex, they transform into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac!

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