33 best medieval anime to watch and stream now

33 Best Medieval Anime to Watch and Stream Now

Many great fantasy series take place during the mediaeval era. And no matter where the storey takes place, elements such as nobility, swords, shields, mythical creatures, and magic will still be present. Medieval anime is also influenced by Western culture to make it more realistic. However, some shows base their plots on the eastern counterpart, such as the Edo period.

The modern take on the reigns of kings and queens keeps mediaeval anime stories feeling fresh and new. While mediaeval anime is fascinating, it is the mediaeval fantasy subgenre that draws fans to the exciting world-building that the mediaeval period provides.

Many anime in this subgenre are plot-driven and use the mediaeval setting and cultures to give the shows a high level of fidelity.

With so many shows focusing on this time period, it becomes cliché and overdone to the point of boredom. Which begs the question of how to avoid the forgettable in favour of something tangible and compelling. If you enjoy anime set in the mediaeval era, here is a list of the best mediaeval anime you should watch right now.

33. Requiem of the Rose King

Throughout history, the crown of England has been hotly contested, and in the Middle Ages, a series of great civil wars became known as the War of the Roses. The Duke of York, claiming a right to the throne, seeks to depose King Henry VI and his heir in order to become king himself.

The Duke receives a son on a dark day filled with many bad omens: Richard Plantagenet, the third of his name. Richard III, who is neither male nor female but possesses characteristics of both sexes, is immediately despised by his mother. His childhood is defined by her hatred, which leads to a deep disgust for his own body and an adverse reaction to being called a demon.

Richard is troubled as a child by visions of England’s former foe, Joan of Arc, who taunts him that he will bring ruin to all who know him. He believes that he can find salvation by assisting his father in fulfilling his destiny of becoming King. Will Richard’s actions, however, cursed by his mother’s and Joan’s expectations, instead drag his family down into darkness?

32. Bastard!!

The Kingdom of Metallicana is attacked by the Four Lords of Havoc in Bastard!!. As a result, the high priest requests that his daughter awaken Dark Schneider, a wizard and former Riders leader, from within the body of 14-year-old Luche Renren.

Bastard!history !’s is filled with sorcery, vengeance, and other power struggles in a world reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons. It is a dystopian world where people rely on magic to survive in the face of wild beasts and evil monsters. There are four kingdoms, each guarding one of the four seals that keep the God of Destruction dormant.

While the first half of the manga follows a theme similar to Dungeons & Dragons scenarios, it later focuses on beliefs, morals, and religions.

31. Sisters of Wellber

Rita, the princess of the Kingdom of Wellber, stabs her sadist betrothed, Prince Gernia of Sangatras, and flees the city with Tina, a feisty cat burglar who has given her refuge and offered to work as her bodyguard, in the first season. Rita must embark on a clandestine diplomatic mission to the remote Kingdom of Greedom in a last-ditch effort to avert a full-fledged war between Wellber and the Sangatras.

Sisters of Wellber Zwei, the second season, saw the group arrive at Greedom just in time to prevent a war between Wellber and the Sangatras. Tina is looking for information about her parents’ murderer, the man with the wasp tattoo, once this is resolved.

30. Highlander: The Search for Vengeance

Colin MacLeod, the immortal Scottish Highlander, travels with the wise-cracking ghost Amergan in search of Marcus Octavius, the immortal despot who murdered Colin’s lover on the Celtic plains centuries before. The once-great city of New York is now submerged under water, with only one dominant fortress towering over the sea, Marcus Octavius’ fortress. MacLeod is torn between saving New York’s survivors and tracking down his nemesis.

29. Guin Saga

The ancient kingdom of Parros has been invaded by Mongaul’s armies, and its king and queen have been assassinated. The “twin pearls of Parros,” princess Rinda and prince Remus, however, escape using a strange device hidden in the palace. They are rescued from Mongaul soldiers in Roodwood by a strange leopard-headed man who has no memories other than the words “Aurra” and “Guin,” which he believes to be his name.

28. Princess Arete

Princess Arete, who is imprisoned in the castle tower by her father, spends her days gazing out the window. She occasionally goes out of her way to observe ordinary people at work. The kingdom’s knights compete for the right to marry her and rule the land by seeing who can find powerful magical objects created by a long-dead race of sorcerers.

Arete isn’t interested in any of this. She yearns to meet ordinary people and travel to exotic lands she has only seen in books hidden under her bed. One day, the sorcerer Boax appears in a fantastic flying machine and offers to marry Arete and transform her into a proper princess.

27. Tears to Tiara

As the Holy Empire gains power, the neighbouring lands gradually come under its control. The conquest of the Empire eventually reaches Erin, the small island home to the Gael tribe. A priestess named Riannon is kidnapped and taken to be offered as a living sacrifice to the demon king Arawn, a malevolent being rumoured to have caused untold devastation in the past.

When Arawn appears in front of them as a handsome grey-haired man, Riannon’s brother, First Warrior Arthur, saves her. Arawn pledges his power and leadership to the tribe’s cause, joining Arthur, Riannon, and their merry band of friends—including a talented swordsman, an agile hunter, and a group of ecstatic pixies—as they fight back against the Empire, uncovering the land’s dark secrets along the way.

26. The Heroic Legend of Arslan

It’s the year 320. The Kingdom of Pars is at war with the neighbouring empire, Lusitania, under the rule of the belligerent King Andragoras III. Arslan, the young prince, sets out to prove his valour on the battlefield for the first time, despite being very different from his father in many ways. However, when one of the king’s most trusted officials betrays him, the Parsian army is decimated and the capital city of Ecbatana is besieged. With his army in shambles and the Lusitanians after his head, Arslan is forced to flee. Arslan soon embarks on a journey in search of allies to help him reclaim his homeland, accompanied by a respected general, Daryun.

However, the prince’s adversaries are not limited to those who occupy his kingdom. Other kingdoms’ armies are poised to conquer Ecbatana. Furthermore, the mastermind behind Lusitania’s victory, an enigmatic man hiding behind a silver mask, poses a dangerous threat to Arslan and his company because he is in possession of a secret that could jeopardise Arslan’s right to succession.

With the odds stacked against him, Arslan must find the strength and courage to overcome these challenges, as well as allies who will fight alongside him on the journey that will prepare him for the day he becomes king.

25. Maria the Virgin Witch

This is an excellent example of a mediaeval anime.

Maria is a powerful young witch who lives in mediaeval France with her two familiars during the Hundred Years’ War against England. As the war rages on and innocent people are caught up in its devastation, Maria grows tired of the situation and begins using her magic to try to prevent further conflict in the hopes of preserving peace. Her constant intervention, however, quickly draws the attention of the heavens, and the archangel Michael is dispatched to keep her from interfering in human affairs. Maria is confronted by the divine being, and he forbids her from using her powers, issuing a decree that her magic will be taken if she loses her virginity.

Despite being labelled a heretic, Maria refuses to listen to Michael’s warning and continues to disrupt the war between the two nations. But, as the Church plots to deprive the witch of her power and put an end to Maria’s interference once and for all, her peacemaking may come to an end.

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24. Garo: The Animation

The Valiante Kingdom launched hunts to exterminate witchcraft practitioners in the name of the king. Seventeen years later, their pursuit has grown in both size and ferocity. Unbeknownst to the citizens, the targets of these witch hunts are humanity’s secret protectors. They are known as the Makai Knights and Alchemists, and they have a strong desire to protect people from Horrors, demons who possess sad and painful souls.

Leon Luis, a 17-year-old Makai Knight, inherits the legendary armour of the Golden Knight Garo from his mother. Despite his great power, he struggles to overcome his hatred for his mother’s death at the hands of the kingdom.

Leon’s father German, also known as Zoro the Shadow Cutting Knight, is still training him when he is summoned to investigate an outbreak of Horrors in the kingdom’s capital. Despite the fact that German is aware of Leon’s waning will, he decides to bring Leon along to continue his training.

While German and Leon make their way to the capital, the king’s affable son Alfonso San Valiante struggles to find a solution to the growing Horror threat. But, before he can, he is betrayed and exiled from his own kingdom. Alfonso sets out to find the help and strength he needs to reclaim the throne in order to return home. During his search, he encounters Leon, whose interactions with the prince will forever alter both of their lives.

23. Rune Soldier

Louie, a brawny mage’s guild student, is reluctantly accepted as a companion for their adventuring party by three girls (Merrill-thief, Genie-fighter, and Melissa-priestess). The foursome discover a sinister plot within the kingdom as they explore ruins, battle dark creatures, and make new friends.

22. The Tower of Druaga

Every few years, it is said, there is what is known as the “Summer of Anu.” During that summer, all of the demons in the tower lose their power due to the divine protection of the sky-god Anu. Uruk has launched an invasion of the tower in order to expel the demons. They’ve taken up positions inside the tower, with the goal of reaching the upper levels.

The Uruk army recognises that this is the third Summer of Anu—the ideal time to launch a mission to finally defeat the monster Druaga. However, the army soldiers aren’t the only ones in the tower. Inside the first floor of the tower, an entire city called Meskia has emerged. It not only houses soldiers, but also adventurers who have heard of a legendary treasure known as the Blue Crystal Rod, which is said to be hidden at the very top of the tower. With all of these different groups involved, each with their own agenda, one can only speculate on how things will play out during this unusual summer.

21. Record of Lodoss War

Lodoss and its kingdoms have been plagued by war for thousands of years, having been formed as a result of the last great battle of the gods. An unknown evil begins to stir as a quiet peace and unity become foreseeable over the land. An ancient witch has awoken, determined to preserve the island of Lodoss by causing political unbalance throughout the many kingdoms and preventing anyone from retaining central control. Only a mixed-race group of six young champions led by the young warrior Parn stand between this new threat and Lodoss’ return to the darkness of war and destruction.

20. Lost Song

Lost Song tells the stories of two songstresses, the cheerful Rin and the reserved Finis, who are capable of performing magical songs. Rin was raised in a remote village by her family and was taught to keep her power hidden, whereas Finis lives and performs in the royal palace.

Rin’s happy and peaceful life is shattered when she uses her healing song to save an injured knight named Henry Leobort. Soldiers saw her and attacked her village in the hopes of capturing her. She and her inventor brother Al set out on a journey to the capital because they have nowhere else to go.

Finis falls in love with Henry and, knowing that the greedy and spiteful Prince Lood Bernstein IV desires her, she must keep their relationship hidden. She wants to help people with her songs, but with war looming, she fears Lood will order her to use her magic on the battlefield. Only time will tell how her destiny and Rin’s intersect as the two struggle to find their paths.

19. Gokudo

It all begins when Gokudou steals a pouch from a fortuneteller, believing it to be a gem. Instead, it turns out to be a rock from which Djinn emerges. The genie grants Gokudou the standard three wishes, but our anti-hero doesn’t give much thought to his choices. Gokudou does get his wishes granted, though not in the way he expected. Honou no Maken, a magical sword that allows its owner to perform fire attacks and can be summoned from anywhere in the world, is the best thing he gets from his wishes.

Even with an enchanted sword, Gokudou is not well-liked. Djinn, who is also a shapeshifter, transforms him into a woman. Rubette La Late, a potential love interest who is more interested in adventure, karaoke, and outperforming Gokudou, follows him. He gets hit on the head a lot, especially by the fortuneteller, who appears throughout the series only to annoy Gokudou. Later in the series, he is joined by another sidekick, Prince, a former evil magician who is more handsome and a better womaniser than Gokudou.

18. Grimoire of Zero

In a world where humans and witches are constantly at odds, there are the “beastfallen”—cursed humans born with the appearance and strength of an animal. Because of their physical prowess and bestial nature, they are feared and avoided by both humans and witches. As a result, many beastfallen become sellswords, scavenging witches for a living.

Despite the animosity between the races, a lighthearted witch named Zero hires a beastfallen named “Mercenary” to serve as her protector. He travels with Zero and Albus, a young magician, in search of the Grimoire of Zero: a powerful spell book that, in the wrong hands, could be extremely dangerous. Throughout their journey, his inner kindness emerges as he begins to show compassion and sympathy to humans and witches alike, and the unlikely companions grow together.

17. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

The war between humans and demons has lasted fifteen years. Dissatisfied with his companions’ slow progress into the Demon Realm, the Hero abandons them to rush ahead to the Demon Queen’s castle. The Hero discovers a startling discovery upon his arrival at the royal abode: not only is the Demon Queen a woman of unparalleled beauty, but she also seeks the Hero’s assistance. Confounded by this unexpected turn of events, the Hero refuses to join forces with his adversary, claiming that the demons’ war is tearing the Southern Nations apart.

The Demon Queen, on the other hand, argues that the war has not only brought humanity together, but also wealth and prosperity, and she provides evidence to back up her claims. Furthermore, she explains that if the war ended, the Central Nations’ aid to the Southern Nations would stop, leaving hundreds of thousands to starve. Fortunately, she offers the Hero a way to end the war while also bringing hope to the rest of the world, though she will need his help to make this a reality.

Finally persuaded, the Hero agrees to assist his now-former adversary in her quest. Promising to stick together in sickness and in health.

16. Kyou kara Maou!

King From Now On, released by Studio Deen in 2004, was neither flawless in terms of visuals nor storey, but it is one of the more memorable mediaeval series I’ve seen.

It’s ridiculous that the MC was transported to a world similar to Medieval Europe because bullies at school forced him to put his head in a toilet… However, it has been enjoyable.

You get a total of 122 episodes, including the OVA, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the world of noble families, especially when Wolfram von Bielefeld appears. Soon, you’ll understand why he became one of the series’ most beloved characters.

15. Saihate no Paladin

Will awakens in a new world after a life of stagnancy to the faces of a skeleton, a ghost, and a mummy. The three raise Will as their own in the ruins of a long-lost city. Blood, the skeleton, teaches him to fight; Gus, the ghost, teaches him magic; and Mary, the mummy, teaches him religion and responsibility. Most importantly, they all teach him the value of love.

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Will prepares for the day when he must finally set out on his own as he grows up and learns about the world into which he was born. This journey includes a lifelong promise for Will. Every adult is required to swear an oath to the god of their choice at their coming-of-age, with the strength of the pledge affecting the degree of their sworn god’s blessing.

Will must prepare to accept the truth of his undead guardians and embark on a journey into a world that even they don’t know the state of. Will discovers, however, that every oath must be fulfilled in some way.

14. The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

Since ancient times, the citizens of Salutania have been shrouded in a shroud of miasma, a force that summons monsters that wreak havoc around the world. When the Order of Knights of the kingdom is unable to contain the monsters, the Grand Magus summons a holy maiden—the legendary “Saint”—to annihilate the horrifying creatures and restore peace.

As Sei Takanashi returns home from work one evening, she is drawn into a strange world by a magical force.

When she arrives in Salutania, she overhears that the Grand Magus inadvertently summoned two Saints—Sei and a brown-haired girl. Because the prince only requires one holy maiden, he declares the other girl to be the Saint, leaving Sei to her own devices.

Sei sets her sights on the Medicinal Flora Research Institute, a facility known for its research on herbs and potions. Sei has a fateful encounter with the commander of the Third Order of Knights while indulging in her latest passion. But little does she realise that her ability as a Saint will continue to have an impact on her new life.

13. Claymore

When a shapeshifting demon known as “youma” arrives in Raki’s village, she is accompanied by a lone woman with silver eyes and a sword on her back. She is a “Claymore,” a creature created to be half-human and half-youma with the sole purpose of eradicating these monsters. After Raki’s family is murdered, the Claymore saves his life, but he is then expelled from his home. With nowhere else to go, Raki discovers the Claymore, also known as Clare, and decides to accompany her on her adventures.

Clare’s organisation and her fellow warriors are revealed as the pair travels from town to town, defeating youma along the way. With each town cleansed and every demon vanquished, they get closer to the youma for which Clare has been seeking vengeance since she chose to become a Claymore.

12. Grancrest Senki

After a horrific event known as the Great Hall Tragedy, the continent of Atlatan is once again devoured by the flames of war. The marriage of Sir Alexis Douse and Lady Marrine Kreische, which was supposed to be a joyous occasion that would bring peace between the Fantasia Union and the Factory Alliance, turned out to be a tragedy. The ceremony was abruptly interrupted as the bride and groom walked down the aisle by a powerful convergence of “Chaos,” a dark energy from another dimension that corrupts the land and brings monsters and demons into the world. The Demon Lord of Diabolos appeared from within that energy, an evil being who instantly murdered the archdukes of both factions, shattering any hope for peace between them.

Siluca Meletes, an Alliance mage, is travelling through the Chaos-infested countryside to study under a master magician after failing to prevent this disaster. When she is apprehended by a group of Federation soldiers, Siluca is rescued by Theo Cornaro, a young warrior carrying a mysterious “Crest,” a magical symbol that grants its wielder the ability to banish Chaos. Theo, who has no allegiance to any domain, aspires to the rank of Lord in order to free his hometown of Sistina from its tyrannical ruler and the Chaos that is spreading within it. Siluca, inspired by Theo’s noble goal, enters into a magical contract with him, and the two set out on a journey to restore balance to their war-torn land.

11. Goblin Slayer

medieval anime

Goblins are known for their ferocity, cunning, and rapid reproduction, but their lowly reputation causes their threat to be overlooked. These vile creatures are free to continue their onslaught as adventurers turn a blind eye in favour of more rewarding assignments with larger bounties.

To commemorate her first day as a Porcelain-ranked adventurer, the 15-year-old Priestess joins a group of young, eager rookies to investigate a tribe of goblins suspected of abducting several village women.

Unprepared and inexperienced, the group is soon doomed by an ambush while exploring a cave. With no one else left standing, the terrified Priestess accepts her fate—until the Goblin Slayer appears unexpectedly, not only to rescue her but also to destroy the entire goblin nest.

The Goblin Slayer allows her to accompany him as he assists the Adventurer’s Guild in all goblin-related matters as a holder of the prestigious Silver rank. The armoured warrior, along with the Priestess, High Elf, Dwarf, and Lizard-man, will not rest until every last goblin in the frontier lands has been exterminated for good.

Women suffered greatly during the Medieval Period (and humans in general). But I don’t think Goblin Slayer fully exploited its potential for peeling back the layers of sexual violence. I know it didn’t have to, but it would’ve made it more memorable instead of just being an okay dark fantasy series.

10. Slayers

Lina Inverse, a powerful and avaricious sorceress, travels the world stealing treasures from bandits she encounters. Her most recent victims, a gang of thieves, lie in wait in a forest, thirsting for vengeance. Lina is about to easily pummelled her would-be attackers when the swordsman Gourry Gabriev suddenly appears. Assuming Lina is a damsel in distress, the foolish yet magnanimous man confronts the brigands in an attempt to save her. After dispatching them, the oblivious cavalier decides to accompany Lina to Atlas City. Despite her dissatisfaction with the idea, she accepts his offer.

Lina, on the other hand, has unknowingly discovered a powerful magical item among her most recent spoils. Now, two mysterious men are on the hunt for the young magician and her self-proclaimed guardian in order to obtain this powerful object for nefarious purposes. This is how they begin their adventure, one in which the fate of the entire world may be at stake.

9. Erin

medieval anime

Erin, excels at so many things. The mediaeval world presented here is complex but well-presented. It has complete control over its vision, from rural landscapes to architecture.

The neighbouring provinces of Shin-Ou and Tai-Kou have been at peace in Ryoza. Ryoza is ruled by Queen Shinou, and her most powerful general, Grand Duke Taikou, defends the kingdom with his army of powerful war-lizards known as the “Touda.” Despite the two regions’ long-standing alliance, rising tensions threaten to spark a bloody civil war.

Erin, a bright girl who spends her days watching her mother Soyon, the village’s head Touda doctor, works in Ake, a Tai-Kou village tasked with raising the Grand Duke’s army. A disastrous incident befalls the Grand Duke’s strongest Touda while under Soyon’s care, and the peace that Erin and her mother had been enjoying vanishes as Soyon is severely punished. Erin falls into a river and is swept towards Shin-Ou in a desperate attempt to save her mother.

Erin, unable to return home, must learn to live a new life with completely different people, all while searching for the truth about both beasts and humanity, with tensions between the two regions constantly rising.

8. Berserk

medieval anime

Guts, also known as the Black Swordsman, is a young travelling mercenary distinguished by the large greatsword he carries. He takes the jobs that pay the most, but he never stays with one group for long—that is, until he meets the Band of the Hawk. Guts is ambushed after finishing a job and crushes many of its members in combat. Griffith, the leader and founder of The Band of the Falcon, takes an interest in Guts and challenges him to a duel. Griffith defeats Guts in one blow, while the others are no match for him.

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Guts awakens two days after being incapacitated and taken to the Band of the Hawk’s camp to recover.He confronts Griffith, and the two fight once more, but this time with a catch: if Guts loses, he must join the Band of the Falcon. Guts loses the fight due to his new injuries and is inducted by Griffith.

Guts has risen through the ranks of the Band of the Hawk’s command in just three years. On the battlefield, he is second only to Griffith in terms of combat prowess, as he takes on large groups of enemies on his own. The Band of the Hawk dominates every battle they participate in, thanks to Guts’ immense strength and Griffith’s leadership. Something sinister, however, lurks in the shadows, threatening to change Guts’ life forever.

Berserk is a satisfyingly complicated game. Always delving into themes such as free will, destiny, and religion, as well as mediaeval politics (this even has knights that hunt heretics and witches).

7. Gate

medieval anime

Off-duty Youji Itami, a Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) officer and otaku, is on his way to a doujin convention in Ginza, Tokyo, when a mysterious portal in the shape of a large gate appears. Supernatural creatures and warriors in mediaeval armour emerge from this gate, charging through the city, killing and destroying everything in their path. Youji saves as many lives as he can with quick actions, while the rest of the JSDF focuses their efforts on stopping the invasion.

Three months after the attack, Youji has been assigned to lead a special recon team as part of a JSDF task force that will be sent to the world beyond the gate, now known as the “Special Region.” They must travel into this unknown world to learn more about what they are dealing with and to make friends with the locals in the hopes of establishing peaceful ties with the ruling empire. If they fail, they will be forced to take part in a devastating war that will engulf both sides of the gate.

GATE spent time exploring socio-cultural and political differences, but this is a show about a 30-year-old male otaku who gets to build his harem of mediaeval fantasy women. What’s not to love about this?

6. Ascendance of a Bookworm

Urano Motosu, a book-loving post-secondary college student and aspiring librarian, is crushed to death beneath a pile of books at her home during an earthquake. She wishes, with her dying breath, to be reincarnated in a world where she can read books indefinitely. Urano awakens in the body of Myne, a frail five-year-old girl, in a world where books are scarce and only available to the elite. Myne, remembering her previous life, decides to create and print her own books so she can read again.

5. The Seven Deadly Sins

medieval anime

The Seven Deadly Sins are a band of knights in the land of Britannia , who disbanded ten years ago after being framed for plotting a coup of the Liones Kingdom, the Holy Knights who sequestered them before seizing control in the aftermath of a rebellion they organised. Elizabeth Liones, Liones’ third princess, locates the Seven Deadly Sins’ leader, Meliodas, before searching for his comrades in order to clear their names and free Liones from the Holy Knights, who were duped by a demon named Fraudrin into releasing the Demon Race from their prison. Meliodas is revealed to be the Demon King’s cursed son whose destiny is linked to Elizabeth’s as the Sins fight against the Ten Commandments led by his brother Zeldris.

4. Spice and Wolf

medieval anime

Holo is a powerful wolf deity who is celebrated and revered in Pasloe for blessing the annual harvest. However, as time passes and the villagers become more self-sufficient, Holo, also known as the “Wise Wolf of Yoitsu,” is reduced to a folk tale. When a travelling merchant named Kraft Lawrence stops at Pasloe, Holo offers to become his business partner in exchange for taking her to her northern home of Yoitsu. The astute trader recognises Holo’s unusual ability to assess a person’s character and agrees to her proposal.

Lawrence is getting closer to his goal of opening his own shop now that he possesses both sharp business skills and a charismatic negotiator. However, as Lawrence travels the countryside with Holo in search of economic opportunities, he begins to notice that his ambitions are gradually changing into something unexpected.

Ookami to Koushinryou, also known as Spice and Wolf, is based on the popular light novel of the same name and combines the two polar genres of economics and romance to create an enthralling storey filled with elaborate schemes, sharp humour, and witty dialogue. Ookami to Koushinryou is more than just a bartering storey; it becomes a journey of reclaiming a lost identity in an ever-changing world.

3. Snow White with the Red Hair

medieval anime

Shirayuki, despite her name meaning “snow white,” is a cheerful, red-haired girl living in Tanbarun who works diligently as an apothecary at her herbal shop. Her life is turned upside down when she is noticed by Tanbarun’s silly prince, Prince Raji, who then tries to force her to become his concubine. Shirayuki cuts her long red hair and flees into the forest, where she is rescued from Raji by Zen Wistalia, the second prince of a neighbouring country, and his two aides. Shirayuki decides to pursue a career as the court herbalist in Zen’s country, Clarines, in the hopes of repaying her debt to the trio someday.

Shirayuki’s journey to a new life at Clarines’ royal palace, as well as Zen’s quest to become a prince worthy of his title, are both depicted in Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. Shirayuki and Zen gradually learn to support each other as loyal friendships and deadly enemies form as they walk their own paths.

2. Kingdom

medieval anime

Many kingdoms rose and fell during China’s Warring States period, which saw a raging dragon raze the land for 500 years, paving the way for the next generation of kings and generals to fight for supremacy. From the never-ending cycle of warfare emerged seven powerful states.

Li Xin, a war orphaned slave, trains hard in the kingdom of Qin with fellow slave and best friend Piao, who shares his proud dream of one day becoming a Great General of the Heavens. However, the two are forced to part ways when Piao is hired by a retainer of the King to work in the royal palace.

After a bloody coup, Piao returns to Xin, half-dead, with a mission that will lead him to a meeting with China’s young King, Ying Zheng, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Piao. Kingdom follows Xin as he embarks on his first journey into the blood-soaked pages of Chinese history. On his long journey to become a Great General of the historic Seven Warring States, he must forge his own path to glory.

1. Vinland Saga

medieval anime

I’d be lying if I didn’t say Vinland Saga is the best mediaeval anime I’ve seen so far.

Thorfinn grew up hearing stories about old sailors who had travelled the seas and arrived in the legendary land of Vinland. It’s said to be warm and fertile, with no need for fighting—not like the frozen village in Iceland where he was born, and certainly not like his current life as a mercenary. Now he lives in the midst of war. Despite the fact that his father once told him, “Nobody can accuse you of having enemies. There is no one it is acceptable to hurt “Thorfinn realised as he grew that nothing could be further from the truth.

With each passing year, the war between England and Denmark worsens. Death has become routine, and the viking mercenaries are relishing every minute of it. Allying with either side will result in a massive shift in the balance of power, and the Vikings are content to make a name for themselves and take whatever spoils they can. Thorfinn must exact his revenge on Askeladd, the man who murdered his father, in the midst of the chaos. The only paradise for the vikings appears to be the ongoing era of war and death.

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