Best Completed Romance Manhwa

17 Best Completed Romance Manhwa to Read

Romance is the most popular genre in every platform whether its anime,manga or manhwa. With the majority of manhwa possessing more capable female leads than a manga, some have become accustomed to switching to the South Korean version of comics.

whether its manga, anime, or manhwa nobody likes an incomplete story.Although there are many ongoing great romance manhwas but there are readers who likes to read a complete, here are 17 manhwa with romance genre that are complete.

The villain’s savior


Aseph Randell is doomed to die a villain, having been set on a path of tragedy and misfortune from a young age. That is, until the mysterious Elzay Tiathe appears in his life and promises to save him: “I can save you.” Can Elzay untangle the twisted fate tied to Aseph after having vivid visions of him for so long… or will they both be dragged down together?

Empress of Another World

Chapters: 82

Following a freak accident that transports her into another world and time, Korean highschool girl Sabina is taken in by a duke of the Crentia kingdom—only to be offered up as a concubine to the ugly old emperor. When the king is assassinated by an unknown assassin, Sabina is forced to compete for the throne against a poisonous circle of other candidates. Can she win the trust and affection of the men and women she needs to survive? Based on the best-selling novel series.

Why are You Doing This ,Duke?

Chapters: 116

Duke Dreux of Faucigny, the cruel Duke of Faucigny, is a lovestruck puppy around Nöel, thanks to a random magic spell cast just as he was about to execute her. But, with the spell’s power dwindling and failing, his mood swings range from dramatic declarations of eternal love to cold threats of death. Exhausted from the emotional turmoil, Nöel must find a magical spell to save not only herself, but also her enchanting fairytale marriage, before she loses her beloved and bewitched “Ru” forever.



Adelaide learns, 17 years after her own reincarnation, that a dimensional traveller has unexpectedly arrived at the imperial palace. Just what my boring life needed, she reasoned! Adelaide ends up making a deal with the handsome duke Felix to become his “fake” fiancée in order for him to keep the gold-digging Susanne away from him while attending the debutant ball to meet this new Susanne! Can Adelaide win this battle for Felix’s heart as he warms to his companion?

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The Maid and the Vampire

Chapters: 51

Following a car accident, Areum has fallen into a strange world known as ‘Soltera.’
Because of her hair colour, she is mistaken for a vampire and sold to a Duke’s house by a slave trader.
Millard Travis, the master of the Duke’s house that bought her, is the only vampire in the world!
Areum, desperate for any means of survival, becomes Millard’s direct servant, vowing to serve him as her master.
Areum’s attitude toward Millard gradually changes as he tries to belly up to him on a daily basis.

A Good Day to be a Dog

Chapters: 88

Hana has gone to great lengths to avoid an unavoidable family curse… after her first kiss, she transformed into a dog Worse, the only way for her to break the curse is for her to receive a second kiss. How is that going to work when Hana’s first kiss is with a guy who is terrified of dogs?

His Barcode Tatto

completed romance manhwa

Chapters: 44

I was curious if anyone had noticed the numbers. It didn’t take long for me to realise I was the only one who noticed them.
When I was fifteen, I figured out what the numbers meant. Every person I met had numbers on their necks that predicted when and where they would die. I was the only one who knew when someone was going to die.
But Sehyun stood out from the crowd.
He lacked a bar code.

Oh! Holy!

Chapters: 141

What does it matter if you’re invisible in high school when you can see and communicate with the invisible? Jamie Oh, reserved and quiet, prefers to remain in the background and confide only in his ghost friends. However, when the most popular girl in school expresses interest in him, his normal – or rather, paranormal – life takes an unexpected turn.

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Cheese in the Trap

completed romance manhwa

Chapters: 298

After returning to college after a long absence, model student Seol becomes involved with Jung, a senior also known as Mr. Perfect. Seol believes that her life has taken a turn for the worse since Jung entered her life… Is he, however, purposefully turning her life upside down?


Chapters: 29

Sora is a well-known architect who has designed a number of buildings all over the world. Sora’s career choice contradicts her fear of aeroplanes, which is ironic for a woman who must travel frequently for work.
While the world is aware of her work and the contributions she has made to the architecture industry, little is known about her as a person. Her admirers, employers, and even those close to her are eager to learn more about her.
Sora is an enigma, a mystery who refuses to reveal her scars to anyone…until a pilot named Taehyun enters her life.
He opens not only the sky, but also his heart for Sora.

1 Plus 1

completed romance manhwa

Chapters: 52

This romance begins with some bumps in the night, which lead to some truly annoying bumps in the day, which lead to Sung-eun literally bumping into the source of all the commotion: her handsome and charming neighbour, Eun-sung.

She quickly discovers that the private student representative has a somewhat shady reputation, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t carry out her responsibilities as a good neighbour. After all, they are literally neighbours. She conceals her true feelings from him, and the two become so close that Sung-eun begins to wonder if Eun-sung…is also concealing something from her.

The Reason why Relleana Ended up at the Duke Mansion

Chapters: 147

Eunha was murdered when she was young and awoke in the world of a novel. In this world, however, she was also fated to be poisoned by her fiancé. Will she accept death or fight it…?

My thoughts: I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t like Raeliana because she isn’t a strong FL, but when you think about it, it’s pretty realistic. Not all girls are trained in self-defense or confident in their ability to flee; she was terrified, as most people would be.

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Something about Us

completed romance manhwa

Chapters: 99

They regard themselves as the best of friends. Others appear to believe otherwise. Something about their relationship is difficult to describe. What will happen to these two “friends?”

The Lady With a Mask

completed romance manhwa

Chapters: 55

Viola Lim works as a secretary during the day, but at night she writes children’s stories under the pen name Violet. She created The Child with A Mask to escape her terrible boss, Harrison Kwon, because she was too talented to be just an office worker. He’s attractive and intelligent, but he’s also extremely rude! And now he wants to track down the author of the book. How long can she keep her true identity hidden? And why would her boss want to meet with her…

Orange Marmalade

Chapters: 119

Vampires have evolved and no longer feed on human blood. They now coexist in secret as normal citizens, despite the fact that society still fears and discriminates against them. So, what happens when a female vampire tries to live a normal school life and accidentally nips the most popular boy in school?

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

completed romance manhwa

Chapters: 98

Youngjoon is the VP of a major corporation, and he is handsome, wealthy, and arrogant. Miso has been his perfect secretary for 9 years, and she is practically a legend for surviving her narcissistic boss. But now that she’s decided to leave, is there really nothing – or no one – that can stop her? “Please don’t leave, my ideal secretary!” Official comic based on the best-selling original novel.

A Business Proposal

completed romance manhwa

Chapters: 102

An engrossing storey about an office romance. Ha-ri decided to go on a blind date on her friend’s behalf! Unfortunately, she gets into trouble because her partner is Taemu, the new CEO of her company. The date is simply his plan to make his family happy, and he plans to propose to whoever appears on the date. Should Ha-ri accept the incredible proposal? Will she be able to continue working at the company?

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