9 ntr manga with a complex storyline

9 NTR Manga With a Complex Storyline

Stories in NTR manga can likewise deplete sentiments, you know. You can chuckle with senseless stories, cry on account of an emotional story, until you get injured on the grounds that the story doesn’t satisfy hopes. It may be the case that you are reading manga with netorare in it. What is Netorare?

In reality, NTR manga isn’t a sort of manga like isekai, echhi, secret, or romance, and some more. Netorare is to a greater degree a subgenre about the adoration relationship that exists between multiple individuals, otherwise known as a circle of drama. In any case, that doesn’t imply that the pieces form further into squares or pentagons.

NTR or netorare comes from “Netoru” which in Japanese signifies “an untrustworthy accomplice”. Manga NTR is told all the time with female or male characters who are near a man or a woman, however rather express the story and even make out with different men or women.

You will see the NTR story all the more frequently in romance manga since it truly recounts a romantic tale. In any case, NTR is additionally regularly found in different genres without acknowledging it. It’s normal so that you could see this NTR story occurring past sound judgment. Keep in mind, everything can be made in manga.

9.  Sa-chan, Boku wa.

Chapters: 35

Genres: Drama, Romance

The storey is a mix of sadness and SUPER QUITE “ROMANCE.” I don’t like it because, at first, I thought it was good and had a happy ending, but it doesn’t. Because of the cheating, the storey is quite similar to real life, but the only difference is that the guy has repented of his sin.

He dated her with only half-hearted love at first, not really liking or loving her the sooner it got to chapter 17, He broke up with so-called “Girlfriend Sa-chan” and told her that he is having an affair with a married girl.

But he later regrets it, and when the chapter finally came that Sa-chan wants to break up, he chased her down and told her he realised he loves her, but it was too late because she had been hurt far too much, even though she loves him. It will lead to a life of deep sadness for him. By the way, the story’s ending… If you want to check it out, you should read it to see if you like it.By the way, the story’s ending… If you want to check it out, you should read it to see if you like it or not.

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8. Hare Kon.

Chapters: 187

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Ecchi

Koharu decides to return home, away from the city, because she is tired of all the men in her life being liars and married philanderers. When she arrives, her family is saddled with a massive debt with no way out, until a handsome but creepy stranger offers to pay the debt while also asking her to marry him.

But, as if that wasn’t enough, he already has two wives! The storey becomes more interesting as it progresses. You will be drawn to how Koharu loves Ryu so much that she agreed to participate in a Hare-Kon despite her dislike for it.This is a sensitive manga, in my opinion, because it depicts three wives living under the same roof and sharing the same husband with scheduled love makings.

7. Nozoki Ana

Chapters: 117

Genres: Drama, Romance, Ecchi

Kido Tatsuhiko relocated to Tokyo to attend art school and begin a new life. There’s a small hole in the wall in his new room. Initially, he can see nothing through the small hole, but one night, he sees a girl through the peeping hole. That is how his new life begins.

When I first came across this manga, I had no idea what to expect; perhaps it was just another ecchi storey with no real plot. Well, I was mistaken; the plot is excellent, and the characters are both interesting and complex, making you eager for the next chapter more than anything else. It’s full of unexpected twists and turns that make you bond with the characters, or at least one of them. The artwork is realistic and very good, and the plot, as previously stated, is well-crafted; it is difficult to find any flaws. A genuine piece of work for those who enjoy the ecchi genre, I highly recommend it; you will not be bored, I promise!

6. Isekai Affair: Ten Years After the Demon King’s Subjugation, the Married Former Hero and the Female Warrior Who Lost Her Husband


Genres: Fantasy, Ecchi

So, at the end of an isekai manga, the hero saves the princess and kills the demon lord? Well, that happened, so what happens now? Have a happy life with the princess and have a baby sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? No, once the child is gone, the princess stops even sleeping in the same room with the hero, leading him to believe that his life before being reincarnated as a hero was shit, and that even though he loved being a hero, his life is shit once more.

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As a middle-aged man, the hero craves love and lust, but his wife, the princess, refuses to give it to him.So he goes forward it a walk one night and runs into one of his old party members, who is now a widow; he falls in love with her and their affair begins. Is this a good manga? ah, so and so! The cool thing about it is that it’s basically a what if and it’s a new side we don’t see in mangas, so I think it’s worth a look.

5. Kuzu no Honkai

Chapters: 53

Genres: Drama, Romance

Mugi and Hanabi are in a relationship despite (or because of) their feelings for other people. Are they going to hurt the people they care about the most if this deception continues? This manga’s realistic tone really appealed to me. It explores unrequited love and first loves in an unusual way. Basically, all but two of the characters have bittersweet endings, and this isn’t a manga where you want to ship anyone because no one you want to end up with does.

However, I appreciate its realism and hope that the two main characters will reunite when they are older. Who can say? There was no fussy stuff in the art, which was a plus. All of the characters had a lot of depth to me, even though they were definitely self-destructive but could admit it. The ugliest gets the happiest ending, but overall, I enjoyed the storey.

4. Nana

Chapters: 84

Genres: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

When I think of NANA, the first thing that comes to mind is how incredibly realistic it is in comparison to many other mangas. It begins in the same manner as any other shoujo/josei manga, with the introduction of the two main characters, both of whom have the name Nana. It follows the lives of these two girls as they meet on a train to Tokyo and later decide to share an apartment. Although it may appear to be dull and boring, the storey always draws you in and makes you wonder what will happen next.

Personally, I think the most appealing aspect of the storey is its realism, as I’ve always enjoyed serious and realistic manga/anime. After reading so many ridiculous mangas with unrealistic storey plots, it was a welcome change to read something completely different.

In fact, it’s so realistic that I find myself wishing it wasn’t so realistic, because NANA isn’t your typical happily ever after storey. Cheating is a big part of Nana’s life. Unlike most depictions of cheating (which are from the perspective of the cheater), Nana discusses the emotional toll it takes on someone who is being cheated on.

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3. Inu to Kuzu


Genres: Drama, Romance

Shuuji Inukai, Haruma Sakuraba’s childhood friend, was a cut above him in every way imaginable, living out the glamorous life bestowed upon him. Haruma, a quiet salaryman, has spent his days clutching at his inferiority complex, existing solely in Shuuji’s shadow.

One day, Haruma happens to meet Shuuji’s wife, Reika Sumi, whom Haruma has secretly admired since high school. A “secret” emerges from Haruma’s repetitive days, filled with feelings of envy, jealousy, and more. The plot revolves around the romance of an office worker and his high school crush, who is now married to his childhood friend.

2. Domestic Girlfriend

Chapters: 292

Genres: Drama, Romance

It’s one thing to fall in love; it’s quite another to stay in love. Rui, Hina, and Natsuo experience the same thing. The plot in this case is a shambles. Those who enjoy powerful drama and changing partners, on the other hand, will not be disappointed; this one is undeniably good. The plot revolves around Natsuo’s crush on Hina. There is, however, a twist: Natsuo had cheated on Hina’s sister, Rui. Rui and Natsuo eventually decided to date.

However, this occurs only after Natsuo and Hina have tried going out once and decided that it is not for them. A lot of things happen, and they show that sometimes it’s just fate. You could be in a relationship with one but marry the other. It appears to be cheating, but you won’t know what happened unless you put yourself in their shoes. So, do you want to give it a shot?

1.  Kimi no Iru Machi

Chapters: 270

Genres: Drama, Romance, Ecchi

This manga follows a dramatic storey filled with emotions. The plot revolves around Haruto and Yuzuki, two friends. A girl and a boy, as we all know, can never be just friends. As a result, Haruto fell in love with her and they became close!

When Yuzuki broke up with him, the storey took an unexpected turn. But wait, this isn’t something to be surprised about! Haruto later discovers that Yuzuki is dating someone else for some reason. So, long storey short, they end up together after a series of incidents and overcoming the complexities of entering relationships and breaking up!


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