21 best bl manhwa recommendations

21 Best BL Manhwa Recommendations

BL short Form for Boys love, us a genre that depicts homosexual relationships between men,Mostly written by women, for women.BL is also known by shounen-ai. It is manga/Manhwa about gay love,targeted towards girls who likes to read boy-on-boy action in manhwa. yaoi genre is mostly categorizes more of the sexual aspects such as smut or explicit content of BL genre.

So,in this article today we will include both smut,as well as non-smut BL manhwa recommendations.Here are 21 Best BL Manhwa for you.

1.A Guy Like You

Genres:BL, Drama, Fantasy , Romance


Go Kang Jinha, the astute and beautiful Kang Jinha, frequently visits Siwon’s dreams. Jinha keeps bringing up this “incident” that happened between them in the dream, but Siwon has no recollection of it! And how is it possible that it feels so genuine? Fortunately for Siwon, hints about the “incident” begin to appear, and Siwon gradually regains his memory. How will their relationship change in the end?

2.The Baker on the First Floor

Genres:BL ,Drama ,Romance


Sun Hwa is a BL artist who draws in his room as a secret base. A handsome blond man catches him working on his comic one day. He later discovers that this man is the new baker on the first floor. But there’s more to this man than his appearance.

3.Escape into Oblivion

Genres:BL, Drama


Woojin desires nothing more than to be free of reality. Hwon’s only desire is to be with Woojin. Woojin, perplexed by the intensity of Hwon’s love, makes a series of absurd demands to push him away. Hwon, on the other hand, never gives up, no matter how harsh the demands are.

4.Heart Silent

Genres:BL ,Romance


A high school boy’s heart doesn’t beat until he meets the man who stirs his heart.

5.My Pet Bat

Genres:BL, Comedy, Drama ,Romance


Min-kyum, a high school senior, has been left to his own devices after his parents kicked him out of their lives. His new home is in a run-down neighbourhood that has been the scene of several mysterious assaults that have left victims with bite marks on their necks and symptoms of blood loss. Min-kyum goes out for a meal after moving in… Then he finds himself at home, with strange marks on his neck. He tries to dismiss it, but his new school’s deskmate appears suspiciously pale and familiar…

6.This Summer

Genres:BL, Drama , Romance


Kim Jumi’s life is similar to that of any other adolescent preparing for the SATs: all work and no play. But one summer day, she witnesses something on her school’s rooftop… From then on, she finds herself becoming increasingly entangled with two boys in a complicated relationship.

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Dohyun develops a thick skin in order to survive in this harsh, corrupt world. However, the future is bleak, and he awakens in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. The next thing he knows, a scar-faced kidnapper is touching him and forcing him to remember, but everyone in Dohyun’s memory has blurry faces. Measuring the fine line between love and obsession leaves them with a bitter taste in their mouth, and they are unsure whether they will be saved or ruined.

8.Make Me Bark

Genres:BL, Comedy ,Romance


Sungjoon isn’t doing well, but things are looking up for him. His job at the convenience store pays well enough for him to live on his own. It’s a small, smelly, and laughably cheap establishment, but he adores it. He adores it until he returns home and discovers it on fire. Unfortunately, things worsen when he realises he knows no one in the city who can assist him. No, wait… that’s not right. He does, in fact, know Lee Hyo-in. A wealthy student from his university who, coincidentally, is looking for a roommate. Not a roommate, at least. More like a… dog.

9.BJ Alex

Genres:BL ,Comedy ,Drama ,Romance


Dong-gyun locks himself in his room at 10 p.m. every night, grabs a box of tissues, and watches a live cam boy show hosted by Alex, a BJ (broadcast jockey). Timid Dong-gyun admires Alex not only for his ripped body, but also for his openness in sharing his sexual experiences with viewers. Dong-gyun passes out after drinking too much at a school networking event one night. He awakens in bed, staring up at a shirtless hunk. A hunk who bears a striking resemblance to…Alex.

10.Blood Link

bl manhwa



What am I? A human, a lycan, or a vampire? Hwa Gok goes about his daily life, completely unaware of the existence of these predators… That is, until Lee Bin turns his life upside down by biting him on the neck, igniting a chain reaction neither of them could have predicted.

11.King’s Maker

Genres:BL ,Fantasy ,Romance


After years of hiding, the kingdom’s 4th Prince, Wolfgang Goldenleonard, returns to the palace. He despises everything about his new royal life, except for the mysterious and dutiful Shin Soohyuk, the King’s catamite. As Wolfgang gradually opens up and learns the ways of the palace, Soohyuk notices something unique about the wild, unkempt, and stubborn young prince. He could be the one Soohyuk has been looking for… the one who can ignite the flames of rebellion.

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12.At the End of the Road

bl manhwa



Taemin wakes up in the body of Siwon, a school bully, as a result of a truck accident. He is no longer a pushover and begins to stand up for himself, but then he meets Woojin, an old friend from his past. Woojin detects Tamin’s’scent’ from Siwon right away. What happened between these two in the past, and how will it affect their relationship in the future?

13.Killing Stalking

bl manhwa

Genres:BL ,Drama ,Horror


Yoon Bum is a scrawny, awkward man suffering from mental illness and an unhealthy romantic attachment to popular college student Oh Sangwoo. He’s started stalking the object of his obsession, even breaking into Sangwoo’s house, but the horrors he discovers in the young man’s basement are beyond his darkest nightmares. His would-be prince charming is a serial killer, and when Bum is caught trespassing, he quickly realises that breaking into a psychopath’s house is a lot easier than getting out…

14.How to Hate Mate

Genres:BL ,Drama, Romance


Subin’s twenties are littered with regrets, but he spends them stumbling from one blunder to the next. All in one night, he gets drunk, comes out of the closet, and clumsily confesses his feelings to his straight roommate. It takes him two years, but he begins to put his life back together. That is, until Hyunwoo, his old roommate, returns from the military.

15.Vampire Library

bl manhwa

Genres:Action, BL


Yu Mano desired a job where he would not have to deal with a large number of people staring at him and where he might be able to complete some of his college homework during breaks. He always stands out as an albino in South Korea. In his neighbourhood, there’s a creepy yet appealing library, so he decides to work there part-time for a while. But every single librarian there is a vampire otaku! They even dress and speak as if they are vampires—and as if they are certain he is as well! After an awkward first encounter with the head librarian, he vows never to return, but…

16.Wolf in the House

Genres:BL ,Comedy , Romance, Slice of Life


Minsuk decides to foster a Siberian husky named Bexan to commemorate the end of his ten-year on-again, off-again relationship. He can’t wait to cuddle with his new furry roommate, go for walks with him, and play fetch with him. But Bexan is no ordinary dog…and Minsuk is in for a surprise when night falls.

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17.Totally Captivated

bl manhwa

Genres:BL ,Comedy ,Drama , Romance


After his lover Jiho dumped him for cheating on him, Ewon will go to any length to win him back, even if it means agreeing to work as a lackey for Jiho’s new boyfriend, Mookyul, a gorgeous, notorious, and aggressive gangster! But what’s a boy to do when his boss falls in love with him and wants Ewon for himself?


Genres : Comedy , Slice of life , Romance , Yaoi , Smut

Chapters: 122

A love storey about Go Yo, a deaf man who is enthralled by Soo Hwa’s sign language, and Soo Hwa who is enthralled by Go Yo’s sound. Original Webcomic [Winner of the 3rd Lezhin World Comic Contest] Original Webcomic for Competition The official English translation for the competition.

19.Form of Sympathy

bl manhwa

Genres:BL ,Drama


Yuri attends his unrequited love’s wedding. There, he runs into his former homeroom teacher Seonwoo, who appears to be as devastated by the union as he is. But he has no idea that Seonwod’s tears are for the groom, not the bride…

20.Mr. A and Mr. B

Genres:BL ,Comedy, , Shounen-ai ,Slice of Life


Mr. A is a well-mannered salaried employee. Mr. B is a sluggish college student. When Mr. B passes out on Mr. A’s doorstep after a night of drinking, the two get along. Friendship or something more? They may be diametrically opposed, but opposites attract.

21.Pond Snail Robber

Genres:BL ,Romance


To put it simply, Ji Ho’s week has been quite eventful. He’s still getting used to being back at university after a leave of absence, but he manages to snag a killer offer for a place to rent in downtown Seoul, and on his first day, he runs into a robber! The odd thing about this robber(?) is that he doesn’t appear to be interested in any valuables, but is captivated by the storey Ji Ho scribbled down in some old notebooks. He is so taken with Ji Ho that he offers to keep house for him so that he can devote more time to writing. Ji Ho initially rejects the strange proposition, but the more he considers it, the less he has to lose…


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