15 best furry anime series that you''l like to watch

15 Best Furry Anime Series That You’ll Like to Watch

One of the cutest anime subcultures is the furry subculture, in which animals mimic human characteristics such as talking, walking, and wearing clothes. Furry anime series, whether centred on a cat, dog, or other magnificent creature, give viewers a glimpse of what life would be like if animals stepped into our shoes. Furry anime is cute and entertaining, with a creative and imaginative storyline.

These anime series’ plots are extremely creative and unpredictable, making them very different from our typical violent Shonen or romantic comedies. Browse through this collection of adorable and funny furry Anime series that you will not regret watching!

15. The Helpful Fox Senko-san

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A fox girl’s tender love and care can sometimes be the cure for a long day’s work. Salaryman Nakano’s stressful life is abruptly disrupted by the fox, Senko-san, who is eager to assist him in healing his exhaustion. She’s there to relieve Nakano’s stress, whether she’s cooking, cleaning, or finding other ways to care for him!

14. Restaurant to Another World

There’s a restaurant on the first basement level of a multi-tenant building on a shopping street near the office district. The historic 70-year-old restaurant is called “Western Cuisine Nekoya,” and it is identified by a sign with a picture of a cat. During the week, this restaurant appears completely normal, but on Saturdays, it opens in secret exclusively to some very special guests. During these hours, doors in various areas of a parallel world open, allowing customers of various races and cultures to enter the restaurant.

13. Our Home’s Fox Deity

When Noboru and Toru Takagami learn that their grandmother is dying, they rush to their late mother’s hometown to pay their respects – but it’s all a ruse. When the two arrive, they discover that their grandmother is still alive and well, that Toru is being pursued by demons, and that Noboru has taken over as head of the Mizuchi family. To save his brother, Noboru summons the family’s guardian deity, a fox spirit named Kugen, who had been imprisoned due to its mischievous behaviour.

When it becomes clear that Toru will continue to attract them, Noboru has no choice but to allow Kugen and Ko (the family’s guardian maiden) to live with them. Will Noboru be able to cope now that he has demons, gods, and increased living expenses complicating his life?

12. Otome Youkai Zakuro

The Ministry of Spirit Affairs was established to bridge the gap between humans and youkai. Kei Agemaki, a military man, is assigned to the new unit and appears to be the ideal candidate. He’s charming, polite, and everything a gentleman should be, but there’s one problem: he’s terrified of spirits!

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When Agemaki arrives at the new headquarters, he is partnered with Zakuro, a cute but brash youkai. Now, the unlikely duo must work together to solve the region’s spirit-related problems in order to improve relations between humans and youkai, and possibly help Agemaki overcome his crippling fear in the process.

11. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi is a typical office worker who lives a mundane life alone in her small apartment–that is, until she saves the life of a female dragon in distress. Tohru, the dragon, has the ability to magically transform into an adorable human girl (albeit with horns and a long tail! ), who will do anything to repay Miss Kobayashi’s debt of gratitude, whether she likes it or not. Nothing comes easy with a very persistent and amorous dragon as a roommate, and Miss Kobayashi’s normal life is about to go off the deep end!

10. Loveless

Ritsuka has no place to flee or hide. He lost his memories and his mother’s loving support, and then his only defender, his brother, was brutally murdered. He is completely alone until Soubi appears and says the words he desperately wants to hear but cannot believe: “I love you and will do anything for you.”

He struggles to find his brother’s killer after being thrown into a world of intrigue and magic, where bonded pairs battle and only Soubi can fight for him. But he also has to deal with the most difficult question of all: if you can’t remember who you were, does that mean you don’t know who you are?

9. Konohana Kitan

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Konohana Kitan is the heartwarming storey of Yuzu, a new apprentice, and the other fox girls who work at Konohatei, a hot spring hotel. The staff at Konohatei believe in one thing: no matter who you are or what you do, anyone who is a guest is a god. Of course, you are included. Allow Yuzu and the Konohatei’s hospitality to heal your tired soul.

8. Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits

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Aoi, a girl who can see spirits known as ayakashi, is approached by an ogre shortly after losing her grandfather. He makes a huge request: her hand in marriage! He demands she pay her grandfather’s debt. Refusing this ridiculous offer, Aoi decides to work at the Tenjin-ya bed and breakfast for the ayakashi in order to repay her family’s debt.

7. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

“Satou,” aka Ichiro Suzuki, is a programmer on the verge of death. He was supposed to be sleeping, but he awakens in another world… What he sees in front of him appears to be the menu screen of the game he was working on prior to his nap.

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At level 1, he is a complete beginner. He did, however, have three “Meteor Showers” that could level an entire map. Suddenly, a swarm of lizardmen materialises in front of him. Satou uses Meteor Shower to survive, and as a result, his level increased to 310 and he became extremely wealthy. Satou’s journey had begun, whether in a dream or in reality.

6. Cat Planet Cuties

Kio is just another boring, nice guy living a boring, nice life until he meets a beautiful, curvy cat-girl at a memorial service for one of his ancestors. He’s in bed with this half-naked beauty next to him before he knows it! Her name is Eris, and she has come to Earth as a representative of the planet Catian to learn more about its inhabitants. And she’s decided to base herself at Kio’s house for the duration of her visit!

Unbeknownst to Kio, there are a number of organisations that will attempt to capture Eris in order to conceal her existence. Worse, people close to Kio are discovered to be secretly members of these organisations! Kio will have to put in a lot of effort to keep Eris safe from these shady organisations. In Asobi ni Iku yo, things are about to get mysterious, exciting, and, most importantly, sexy!

5. Brave Witches

The Neuroi nest in the skies above the Republic of Gallia was eliminated in September 1944, thanks to the actions of the Allied Forces, with the 501st Joint Fighter Wing “Strike Witches” at their centre.

The Allied Forces used this victory to launch a full-fledged resistance campaign in Central and Eastern Europe. The 502nd Joint Fighter Wing “Brave Witches” prepared to deploy from their base in Petersburg, Empire of Orussia… The brave Witches of the 502nd take to the cold skies over eastern Europe, carrying the hope of humanity on their backs.

4. Brand New Animal

furry anime

The existence of animal-humans was revealed in the twenty-first century after being hidden in the shadows of history. Michiru was a normal human until one day she was transformed into a tanuki-human.

She flees and seeks refuge in “Anima City,” a special city area established ten years ago for animal-humans to live as themselves. Michiru meets Shirou, a wolf-human who despises humans, there. Michiru begins to learn about the worries, lifestyle, and joys of the animal-humans through Shirou. As Michiru and Shirou try to figure out why Michiru suddenly transformed into an animal-human, they become entangled in a major incident.

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3. Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

People in the western reaches of the “Land of Dusk” devoted their efforts to rediscovering and recreating lost alchemical technologies in order to survive the eventual arrival of the “Dusk End.”

Those technologies were then gathered in the alchemy city known as “Central,” where research on how to stop the advance of the twilight was conducted. After learning the most recent alchemical techniques in Central, young alchemist Logy requested a transfer to the frontier town of Colseit to put his skills to use. Escha, an apprentice girl assigned to the Development Department, meets him there. Together, the two make a promise to use their alchemical skills to help the Development Department succeed.

2. Amagi Brilliant Park

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When Isuzu, a new transfer student, asks Seiya Kanie out on a date at gunpoint, he suspects something strange is going on. Especially since she wants to visit Amagi Brilliant Park, where the rides are either dangerous or mind-numbingly dull, and the only costumed performers who aren’t rude or apathetic are those who didn’t show up for work. So, when Isuzu asks Seiya to be the park’s new manager, he knows she’s insane (Well, crazy-er, given the gunpoint thing.).

But when Seiya discovers that Amagi Brilliant Park is a REAL Magic Kingdom, that the costumed performers aren’t wearing costumes, that they live off the energy created by visitors, and that if they don’t attract 250,000 visitors in three months, they’ll lose their jobs and homes… he goes insane. But, even with the help of scantily clad fairies, giant mice, and sniper-trained sheep, will anyone be able to save a park that has sunk so low that its own bus no longer stops there?

1. A Centaur’s Life

furry anime

Being an adolescent is never easy, especially for a centaur! Himeno is a sweet, shy girl who, like many teenagers her age, struggles with the ups and downs of high school. The difference is she’s a centaur; but she’s not alone.

In fact, all of her classmates are supernatural beings with horns, wings, tails, halos, or other unearthly body appendage. Despite their fantastical natures, Himeno and her best friends—the dragon-winged Nozomi and Kyoko with her spiralled horns—are down-to-earth, fun-loving teenagers dealing with life and love issues in a mostly normal daily school setting.

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