!5 best cars anime for all gearheads

15 Best Cars Anime For All Gearheads

Somewhat, most car folks are youthful on a fundamental level and they’re likewise somewhat on the geeky side. They appreciate chattering about car realities the entire day or then again assuming that they’re similar to us, they’re likewise expounding on vehicle realities the entire day.

So what does the geeky car guy do to unwind? Well a few of us appreciate sitting in front of the television programs or youtube shows about cars and pretty much anything with a motor. Be that as it may, you know what numerous car nuts watch beside those? Anime!Now you may be imagining that we’re kidding however there are a lot of car situated anime out there in circulation.

For the ones that are truly up there as far as fan-administration for car nuts however, there are some anime that stick out. Here are our 15 best picks for car animes.

15/Chou Soku Henkei Gyrozetter

cars anime



The famed city of the future, New Yokohama Center, promotes the widespread use of AI cars and is home to Arcadia Academy, a learning institution founded to educate the next generation of AI car specialists. Kakeru and Rinne thought they were typical Arcadia students until they discovered that the school is a front for a secret defence agency, and that the two of them are fated to become mecha pilots! Now, the duo, along with other friends, must race and battle in transforming cars to put an end to Zenon’s evil plans.


cars anime



In the not-too-distant future, fossil-fuel vehicles will be extinct, and electric vehicles will dominate the landscape. And when these electric cars break down, it’s up to the Ex-Drivers to put a stop to it! Join Lisa and Lorna as they encounter situations that revolve around them putting their souped-up cars’ pedals to the metal in a battle of slick cars and hot drivers. The name of the game is speed, and the stakes rise faster than an RPM gauge in overdrive!


Episodes:Movie (1 ep x 27 min)


Terulus is a world ravaged by a rogue terraformer, where destructive earthquakes, constant danger, and wildlife mutations are the norm. Those who survived built massive mobile cities to withstand the tremors and passed the time with dangerous, no-holds-barred races – the same races that led to the disappearance of the famous champion Loser King a century ago. Shiro Tomoe, a determined racer, wants nothing more than to live up to the legend of the Loser King, but a terrible accident leaves him nearly dead – that is, until Tomoe, an inventor with her own agenda, replaces his heart with a prototype engine. Shiro’s performance is now linked to his heartbeat, and his success or failure will determine his fate.

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12/Chou Supercar Gattiger



Professor Kabuki unveils his latest invention to the world: the Gattiger, a solar-powered vehicle built by combining five cars. During the conference, Professor Kabuki names the pilots tasked with piloting the prototype and reveals to the world the danger lurking behind the criminal organisation known as the “Black Demons.” Professor Kabuki is murdered shortly after the announcement, and his son Joe discovers that his mother, who was thought to be dead, is actually alive, and that in order to find her, he must confront the evil stable.

This is where the cartoon’s automotive challenges, in the style of Falco the superbolide, begin: races in the most adverse conditions and in the most hostile places on the planet. Our heroes compete to defeat the Black Demons and prevent them from gaining control of the world through a solar energy monopoly.

11/ F

Episodes: 31

Aired: 1988 – 1988

Gunma Akagi, a country teenager, frequently causes a commotion with his turbocharged tractor, much to the chagrin of his father, aspiring politician Souichirou Akagi, who advises the family to set a good example to ensure his success.

Gunma is driving his tractor on the highway with his best friend Tamotsu Oishi one night when they are overtaken by a speeding car. Gunma interprets this as a challenge and attempts to outrun his opponent, only to fail spectacularly. The defeat ignites a fire within Gunma, and he vows to defeat this enigmatic foe at any cost. Soon after, he leaves the tranquil countryside and relocates to the bustling city, where he hopes to become the next Formula One star!

10/Speed Racer

cars anime



Speed Racer drives the fantastic Mach 5 in race after race, but winning isn’t his true goal: he wants to be the best racer in the world and defeat the mysterious Racer X (unaware that Racer X is actually his long-lost older brother, Rex Racer)! The races aren’t held on the usual boring circular tracks; instead, they take place in the countryside, on rough and dangerous terrain.

This is where the special features of the Mach 5, such as super traction tyres and jumping struts, come in handy. Speed must also deal with villains ranging from unscrupulous racers to thieves and spies, but he is aided along the way by Trixie, his younger brother Spridle, and the pet monkey ChimChim.

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9/Arrow Emblem: Grand Prix no Taka



Takaya Todoroki is a cocky rookie racecar driver with big dreams. After the death of his father, an American military officer and skilled jet fighter pilot, Takaya has made it his mission to pursue his dreams of racing and winning in a Formula One car. Takaya’s car crashes during his first match, and he awakens in a hospital, dejected and downtrodden. Takaya is approached by a mysterious masked man who offers him another chance to prove his abilities: he will join an elite team of racers and even test drive a prototype vehicle! Is Takaya capable of racing his way to the top?

8/Riding Bean

cars anime

Episodes:OVA (1 ep x 45 min)


Riding Bean is a one-episode OAV created by the same person who created Gunsmith Cats. Bean Bandit, aka ‘The Roadbuster,’ is the main character. Bean works as a contract driver; for better or worse, if you have the money, he will do the job. This time, however, he’s been falsely accused of kidnapping the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Bean, on the other hand, is bulletproof.

7/Dash! Yonkuro



The storey is a series of races along imaginative paths and runs tailored to her run. The storey will increasingly focus on what is the true Emperor, which will be discovered by having this many mini titles that will compare against the Emperor of Yonkuro, the epilogue to the epic challenge of the Rally of Hell in this race will challenge a group of thugs who want to take advantage of the Best of Mini 4WD racers to be able to recover a hidden treasure. The storey centres on a brother and sister, Tatsuya and Kiyoko, the children of a scientist at the Twin Yonkuro Hinomaru, the popular main character, uses this storey.

6/Yoroshiku Mechadock

Episodes: 30

Aired:  1984 – 1985

Three young mechanics start a sports car preparation shop and go on a number of motoring adventures. One of them is also a pilot who plans to enter the world of Japanese racing. A nice gang of kids, a policewoman, a grandfather and grandson who run a bar, and a nice granny who demolishes cars are all with them!

5/Wangan Midnight



Asakura Akio is a young student and street racer who loves his car, a first generation S30 Nissan Fairlady 240 Z. He is immediately drawn to it after discovering it in a scrap yard, an attraction that later turns into an obsession. After restoring the car with his friends, he drives it down Wangan Highway to challenge the “Black Bird,” the king of Wangan. The more Asakura learns about the car and its dark past, the more he wants to master driving this dangerous “Akuma no Z” (The Devil’s Z) and claim Wangan’s master title for himself…

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4/Initial D



Takumi, 18, has been delivering tofu for his father’s shop since he was 13 years old, learning to drive quickly in all weather conditions. Keisuke, one of Japan’s best amateur racers, spots him racing down the mountain one night. Takumi quickly overtakes Keisuke, who vows to challenge the White Hachi Roku and discover the mystery behind its driver’s abilities.

3/Future GPX Cyber Formula



Cyber Formula refers to race machines equipped with complex computer systems in the twenty-first century. While delivering a new cyber machine to the team Sugo, Hayato Kazami is ambushed by an unknown organisation attempting to steal this new machine named Asurada. Unknowingly, Hayato climbed aboard Asurada and drove it to safety, but Asurada can no longer be driven. Hayato, along with Asurada, must take on the challenge of being the Grand Prix’s youngest driver in order to keep team Sugo’s dream alive. Hayato must now face the challenge of winning the Grand Prix while also uncovering the true intentions of the mysterious organisation attempting to steal Asurada.




Taira Capeta has spent his entire childhood acting as a good and dutiful son to his hardworking but impoverished widower father. His father has only seen him express any personal desires or needs once, when he saw a model car in a toy store. Despite his lack of funds, his father has devised a naive plan to give Capeta the ultimate gift: the fulfilment of his dreams. Capeta embarks on an amateur career as a go-kart racer with the help of his father and good friends Nobu and Monami, aiming for the ultimate prize: graduation into the professional ranks of formula racing. Will his poverty, however, prevent him from realising his dreams?


cars anime



Appare Sorano, a socially awkward but brilliant engineer, and Kosame Isshiki, a wise but cowardly samurai, find themselves aimlessly drifting in the sea between Japan and America. To earn enough money to return home, the two compete in a trans-American race in their own steam-powered car. On this race from Los Angeles to New York, they will face rivals, bandits, and other trials.

What is your cars anime let me know in the comments.

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