13 best retro anime that are pure class

13 Best Retro Anime That Are Pure Class

small children today don’t have the foggiest idea how great ’80s anime and ’90s anime truly were. With the wealth of new anime that is accessible nowadays, at times it’s great to kick your feet back and look at a few nostalgic works of art. Here is our rundown of the best outdated anime ever, comprising of anime from 1999 and previously.

Beginning in and around the 1980s, anime opened up to areas outside of Japan. The 1990s saw any semblance of Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and Sailor Moon becoming famous across the globe. Almost certainly anime fills us with sweet wistfulness, especially when explicit titles are referenced. Thus, how about we investigate thirteen other retro anime that are awesome.

13. Captain Tsubasa

Episodes: 128

Aired: Oct 13, 1983 to Mar 27, 1986

Genres: Action, Sports

Captain Tsubasa is the moving storey of an elementary school student whose life revolves almost entirely around his love of soccer. Tsubasa Oozora, 11, began playing soccer at a young age, and while it was mostly a recreational sport for his friends, it became something of an obsession for him.

Tsubasa moves with his mother to Nankatsu city, which is well-known for its excellent elementary school soccer teams, in order to pursue his dream to the best of his elementary school abilities. But, despite being easily the best in his previous town, Nankatsu now faces much more competition, and he will need all of his skill and talent to stand out from this new crowd.

He meets not only rivals, but also new friends, such as the pretty girl Sanae Nakazawa and the talented goalkeeper, Genzo Wakabayashi, who shares Tsubasa’s passion and will prove to be a treasured friend in assisting him in pursuing his dreams. Tsubasa’s ultimate goal is to represent Japan in the FIFA World Cup, but achieving that goal will require much more than talent.

12. Slayers

Episodes: 26

Aired: Apr 7, 1995 to Sep 29, 1995

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Lina Inverse, a powerful and avaricious sorceress, travels the world stealing treasures from bandits she encounters. Her most recent victims, a gang of thieves, lie in wait in a forest, thirsting for vengeance. Lina is about to easily pummelled her would-be attackers when the swordsman Gourry Gabriev suddenly appears. Assuming Lina is a damsel in distress, the foolish yet magnanimous man confronts the brigands in an attempt to save her. After dispatching them, the oblivious cavalier decides to accompany Lina to Atlas City. Despite her dissatisfaction with the idea, she accepts his offer.

Lina, on the other hand, has unknowingly discovered a powerful magical item among her most recent spoils. Now, two mysterious men are on the hunt for the young magician and her self-proclaimed guardian in order to obtain this powerful object for nefarious purposes. This is how they begin their adventure, one in which the fate of the entire world may be at stake.

11. Lupin III

Episodes: 23

Aired: Oct 24, 1971 to Mar 26, 1972

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery

Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of the fictional gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, is regarded as the world’s greatest thief, famous for sending a calling card to the owners of valuable objects to announce his intentions to steal them. Daisuke Jigen, his right-hand man and best friend, is an expert marksman who can accurately shoot a target in 0.3 second. Although Lupin and Jigen frequently work as a two-man team, they are frequently joined by Goemon Ishikawa XIII, a master swordsman with a sword that can cut through anything,

and Fujiko Mine is Lupin’s love interest and a femme fatale. Although Fujiko usually works with the others, she will occasionally take advantage of Lupin’s interest in her in order to steal the treasure for herself. Lupin and his gang are constantly pursued by Interpol Inspector Koichi Zenigata, who has made it his life’s work to apprehend them, pursuing Lupin all over the world.

10. Great Teacher Onizuka

Episodes: 43

Aired: Jun 30, 1999 to Sep 17, 2000

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Eikichi Onizuka, a twenty-two-year-old ex-biker gang leader, Shonan conqueror, and virgin, has a dream: to become Japan’s greatest high school teacher. This isn’t due to a desire to teach, but rather to have a loving teenage wife when he’s old and grey. Still, there’s more to Onizuka than meets the eye for a perverted, greedy, and lazy delinquent. So, when he lands a job as the homeroom teacher of Class 3-4 at the prestigious Holy Forest Academy despite duping the Vice Principal, all of his skills are put to the test, as this class is notorious.

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Because they despise all teachers, the students in the class use psychological warfare to mentally break any new homeroom teacher they get, forcing them to quit and leave school. Onizuka, on the other hand, isn’t your typical teacher, and he’s up for any challenge that comes his way.

Bullying, suicide, and sexual harassment are just a few of the issues that his students deal with on a daily basis. Onizuka helps them by addressing the root causes of their problems, even if it means jumping off a building to save a suicidal child. Class 3-4 gradually learns how much fun school can be when you’re a student of the Great Teacher Onizuka, thanks to his eccentric charm and fun-loving nature.

9. 3×3 Eyes

Episodes: 4

Aired: Jul 25, 1991 to Mar 19, 1992

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Romance

33 Eyes follows Pai, the last remaining Sanjiyan Unkara, and her new Wu, Yakumo, as they desperately try to find a way to turn Pai human so she can forget her troubled past. Pai travelled to Tokyo in search of the artefact, but shortly after arriving, a thief stole her backpack and cane. Yakumo, a teenage boy, tackled the thief and recovered the pack for her, though the thief escaped with the cane. Yakumo drove her to his workplace, where Pai was able to clean up and learn that he was the son of Professor Fujii, an archaeologist she had met in Tibet four years before.

The Professor had been researching the legends of the Sanjiyans and had befriended her, offering to assist her in finding the Ningen, only to fall ill and die. Pai carried his last letter to his son in her backpack, in which he asked Yakumo to assist her in her quest. Despite his disbelief in his father’s stories about Pai being a monster, he agreed to help her.

Their conversation was cut short by news reports of a massive monster flying over the city. Pai recognised the creature as Takuhi, her pet who had been released from his home in Pai’s cane by the thief and was now on the hunt for her. Pai set out to find him, closely followed by Yakumo. When Yakumo saw Takuhi fly towards Pai, he mistook the beast’s welcome for an attack and shoved Pai out of the way; Takuhi ripped into the lad, fatally wounding him. Pai’s third eye opened, unwilling to lose the boy she had been searching for and had just found, and she absorbed his soul.

This healed his body but bound him to her as her undead servant. Because he is linked to her, he can only become human again when she does. Hordes of monsters and demons from the Shadow World stand in the way of this goal, some seeking Pai’s powers, others seeking the Ningen for their own. Yakumo can revert to mortal form, ending his constant need to protect Pai because if Pai dies, so will he. They meet many followers of the now-dead demon god Kaiyanwang along the way, all of whom want to kill Pai or syphon off her power in order to resurrect their deity and/or gain immortality.

8. Spriggan

Episodes: 1

Aired: Sep 5, 1998

Genres: Adventure, Sci-Fi

Many years ago, an ancient civilization known for their advanced technology ruled the Earth, but they were ultimately destroyed by their misuse. As a result, they left messages for future generations in the form of indestructible message plates written in ancient Hebrew, informing them that if their creations could not be put to good use, they should be destroyed.

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Various paramilitaries, national armies, and armed private forces began to look for these “mysterious artefacts” in order to use them for good and against their enemies. With their elite secret agents known as Spriggans, the ARCAM Corporation and their military arm, the ARCAM Private Army, can prevent these forces from destroying themselves (or Strikers).

7. City Hunter

Episodes: 51

Aired: Apr 6, 1987 to Mar 28, 1988

Genres: Action, Comedy, Mystery

“City Hunter,” also known as “XYZ,” is a well-known contractor group. They will take any job that involves cleaning up the scum on Tokyo’s streets. Ryou Saeba is a key member of City Hunter; armed with his trusty Colt Python and pinpoint accuracy, he works alongside willful tomgirl Kaori Makimura.

They work together to solve difficult cases and confront the numerous dangers that come with their trade. Ryou, on the other hand, enjoys chasing beautiful ladies with only Kaori and her one hundred-ton hammer to keep him in check when he isn’t out hunting crooks and villains. Nothing can stop Ryou Saeba from completing his next mission, from pickpockets to arms dealers to crime syndicates.

6. Gunsmith Cats

Episodes: 3

Aired: Nov 1, 1995 to Sep 1, 1996

Genres: Action, Comedy

Irene “Rally” Vincent, 19, runs the titular “Gunsmith Cats” gun shop while also working as a bounty hunter, which serves as the impetus for many of the stories. Her housemate, former prostitute “Minnie” May Hopkins, assists her in both activities. Rally is a skilled combat shooter and marksman with a wide range of weapons, as well as a fantastic driver. May is an explosives expert who understands the inner workings and numerous applications of various explosive devices. Misty Brown, a teen ex-burglar and lock-picker, later joins the team, as does Becky Farrah, a top, if expensive, source of information on underworld activity.

Rally has made many enemies as a result of bounty hunting, most notably Gray, the leader of gangsters whose use of armaments, including bombs, has likened them to terrorists; and Goldie Musou, a leading figure in the Mafia who uses drugs to manipulate people to the point where they can be brainwashed into killing their nearest and dearest. Bean Bandit, a man who specialises in delivering illegal goods, frequently appears as either an ally or an enemy, depending on the behaviour of his clients, the majority of whom are being pursued by Rally.

5. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Episodes: 39

Aired: Apr 2, 1997 to Dec 24, 1997

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Utena Tenjou vowed to become a prince after meeting a travelling prince who consoled her after her parents’ deaths. The prince only left Utena with a ring with an unusual rose crest and a promise to meet him again someday.

Utena attends Ootori Academy a few years later, where she is drawn into a dangerous game. Duelists with rings that match Utena’s compete for a one-of-a-kind prize: the Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya, and her enigmatic powers. When Utena defeats Anthy in a duel, she realises that the only way to free Anthy and discover the secrets of Ootori Academy is to revolutionise the world.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena combines surrealist imagery and ideas with complex allegories and metaphors to create a one-of-a-kind coming-of-age storey about idealism, illusions, adulthood, and identity.

4. Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play

Episodes: 52

Aired: Apr 6, 1995 to Mar 28, 1996

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo are visiting the National Library when they come across a strange old book that emits a red light, sucking them into its strange world. When they arrive, they are met by hostile slave traders and barely escape with the assistance of Tamahome, a powerful young man with a Chinese symbol on his forehead. But, a split second later, the red light reappears and whisks Yui away.

Miaka begs Tamahome for help in reuniting with her companion. The situation worsens when the pair meet the land’s emperor, Hotohori, who believes Miaka is the foretold priestess of the kingdom’s protector god, Suzaku. The priestess can summon Suzaku and have all her wishes granted by gathering the god’s seven Celestial Warriors. Hotohori believes that this will save his country, and because it appears to be a suitable solution to the girl’s problems as well, he persuades her to accept the role.

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Meanwhile, Yui realises she has been returned alone to the library. She is powerless to intervene as she watches Miaka bravely face trials as the mysterious book’s heroine.

3. Ranma 1/2

Episodes: 161

Aired: Apr 15, 1989 to Sep 25, 1992

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Ranma Saotome is a world-class martial artist and a prodigy at the Saotome “Anything-Goes” martial arts school. While training in China, he and his father meet a terrible fate when they fall into a cursed spring by accident. Ranma is now cursed to turn into a girl when he comes into contact with cold water, and only hot water can turn him back into a boy.

Things become even more complicated when Ranma discovers that his father has arranged for him to marry one of Soun Tendo’s three daughters in order to secure the Tendo dojo’s future. Despite learning of Ranma’s predicament, Soun is still determined to proceed with the engagement, and chooses his youngest daughter Akane, who is a skilled martial artist herself and is notorious for hating men.

Ranma 12 follows Ranma and Akane’s hilarious adventures as they encounter various opponents, meet new love interests, and find new ways to make each other angry, all while their engagement looms over their heads.

2. His and Her Circumstances

Episodes: 26

Aired: Oct 2, 1998 to Mar 26, 1999

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Yukino Miyazawa is the female representative for her class and the most popular girl in her high school’s freshmen class. She has always been admired for her abilities in both academics and sports, as well as her elegance and sociability. In reality, she is an extremely vain individual who works tirelessly to maintain her good grades, athleticism, and graceful appearance. She craves attention and praise, which is why she can’t stand Soichiro Arima, the male representative for her class and the only person more perfect than her. She has been attempting to steal the spotlight from her new rival since the first day of high school, but to no avail.

Finally, on the midterm exams, Yukino receives the highest score and defeats Soichiro. To her surprise, he congratulates her on her accomplishment, prompting her to question her deceptive lifestyle. When Soichiro confesses his feelings for Yukino, she rejects him and gloats about it at home with only a smidgeon of regret. But the next day, Soichiro pays a visit to Yukino’s house to bring her a CD and witnesses her uninhibited self in action; armed with the truth, he blackmails her into completing his student council duties. Yukino discovers that she is not the only one with secrets after being coerced into spending time with Soichiro.

1. Kimagure Orange Road

Episodes: 48

Aired: Apr 6, 1987 to Mar 7, 1988

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Kyousuke Kasuga is no stranger to being the school’s new kid. Despite being only a third-year middle schooler, he has spent his entire childhood avoiding those who discover his family’s paranormal abilities, and as a result, he has had to change schools seven times. He becomes optimistic after catching a beautiful girl’s hat and hopes that he and his family have finally moved for the last time.

However, when Kyousuke arrives at school, he discovers a different storey. The beautiful girl he just met is none other than Madoka Ayukawa, also known as “Madoka the Pick,” a delinquent known for smoking, drinking, and getting into fights. Hikaru Hiyama, a childish and energetic first-year student who quickly falls in love with Kyousuke, is her best friend. Kyousuke, who is in love with both girls, tries to maintain a delicate emotional triangle while dealing with the antics of a family endowed with paranormal abilities.


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