13 best manga for beginners to read

13 Best Manga For Beginners To Read

More often than not, when fans exhaust all their anime choices, they leap to perusing mangas. In any case, it’s never simple to choose where to begin. Imagine a scenario where you wind up picking an endless story. For sure on the off chance that you hit some unacceptable order? Luckily, we are here to help you launch your manga understanding excursion. Numerous texts all over the planet are more clear and elucidating than their anime partners. Accordingly, perusing the first is generally useful in getting that additional slice of the pie.

The following are 13 best manga for beginners including the well known manga establishments and the most recent titles. How about we venture out in getting a charge out of perusing manga!

13. Grand Blue

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life


Iori Kitahara, a freshman at Izu University, is just starting his freshman year among the seaside town of Izu’s ocean waves and rays of shining sun. As he prepares to move into his uncle’s scuba diving shop, Grand Blue, he fantasises about his ideal college life, which will be filled with beautiful girls and good friends.

But things don’t always go as planned. When he walks into the shop, he is confronted by a group of rowdy, naked upperclassmen who immediately coerce him into joining them in their alcoholic activities. Despite her initial reluctance, Iori quickly relents and becomes the party’s heart and soul. Unfortunately, this earns him the scorn of his cousin, Chisa Kotegawa, who arrives at the worst possible time. Undaunted, Iori continues to vow to live his ideal college life, but will things go as planned this time, or will his situation worsen?

12. Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Chapters: 53

Fushimi Inari has a hopeless crush on Tanbabashi, a classmate. She accidentally humiliates him in front of the entire class one day while attempting to interact with him. He refuses to accept her apologies, and to make matters worse, she discovers that he has a crush on their adorable classmate Sumizome.

All of this is on her mind when she is summoned by Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami, a pale fox goddess. In exchange for rescuing a small fox-spirit creature before school that day, the goddess offers to grant Inari a single wish. She blurts out, “I want to be Sumizome,” without thinking. As one might expect, this wish does not go as well as Inari had hoped, and the benevolent goddess breaks a goddess-rule in order to grant Inari the ability to change herself back. Inari can now change her shape at will, and using her new ability is very tempting as she continues to try to win Tanbabashi’s heart. But if Inari shows off her talent, both she and the goddess risk getting in trouble with Amaterasu!

11. Tokyo Kushu

Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural

Chapters: 144

Fearsome beings known as “ghouls” lurk in the shadows of Tokyo, satisfying their hunger by feeding on humans at night. In response to the constant attacks on citizens and as a means of purging these creatures, the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) was formed. However, identifying ghouls is difficult because they disguise themselves as humans and live among the masses to make hunting prey easier. When Ken Kaneki’s date turns out to be a ghoul after his flesh, the unsuspecting university freshman finds himself in a world between humans and ghouls.

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After barely surviving this encounter and being taken to a hospital, he discovers that the surgery he received has transformed him into a half-ghoul. Kaneki is taken in by friendly ghouls who run a coffee shop to help him with his transition after he is unable to satisfy his intense craving for human meat through conventional means. As he begins what he believes will be a peaceful new life, he has no idea that he is about to become embroiled in a war between his new comrades and the forces of the CCG, and that his new existence has piqued the interest of ghouls all over Tokyo.

10. One-Punch Man

Genres:Action, Comedy, Sci Fi


Saitama decides to become a superhero for fun in a city overrun with thugs, mutants, and supervillains. He imagines an exciting life where he is constantly challenged by tough opponents, but after three years of intense training, he has become so strong that he can defeat every enemy with a single punch! His dream of confronting difficult foes has gone up in flames, and his overpowered life is now filled with overpowering boredom.

Then, a cyborg named Genos discovers Saitama’s incredible ability and begs him to make him his disciple. Saitama isn’t interested in taking on an apprentice, but Genos isn’t going down without a fight. Can he persuade the disillusioned hero to teach him the secret to his power? Will Saitama ever find a worthy foe to battle?

9. Toradora!

Genres:Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life


Takasu Ryuuji has discovered the hard way that outward appearances can be deceiving. For, despite his inwardly sweet personality, his unintentionally sharp gaze and aggressive features give him the air of a delinquent thug, reducing his chances of making new friends, let alone a girlfriend, to next to nothing.

It’s the first day of Ryuuji’s second year of high school, and things appear to be going well. He gets to sit next to his only friend, Yuusaku, and, more importantly, the girl he has a secret crush on, Kushieda Minori. But, just when he thinks everything is going his way, he unwittingly crosses the most feared girl in school, Aisaka Taiga, turning her into his arch enemy. To top it all off, Taiga has moved in next door to Ryuuji and is Minori’s best friend! Is it possible that this school year could get any worse?

8.  Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Genres:Comedy, Romance, Shoujo


Misaki Ayuzawa, President of the Student Council at the almost-all-boys Seika High School, works tirelessly every day to make life easier for the school’s small population of co-eds. Though she is an unholy terror to all things male during the school day, she secretly works after school at a maid cafe in Akihabara to support her impoverished family. However, when campus hottie Usui Takumi walks into the restaurant during her shift, she finds her school reputation at his mercy…

7. Masamune-kun no Revenge

Genres:Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance


Makabe Masamune, an overweight child, was mercilessly teased and bullied by one particular girl, Adagaki Aki. Makabe begins a rigorous regimen of self-improvement and personal transformation, determined to exact his revenge on her one day.

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Masamune reappears as a new man years later. Masamune-kun, who is handsome, popular, has perfect grades, and is good at sports, transfers to Aki’s school and is unrecognisable to her. Masamune-kun is now ready to confront and humiliate the girl who bullied him so many years ago. But will vengeance be as sweet as he imagined?

6. My Little Monster

Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance


Mizutani is a self-absorbed overachiever who is only concerned with maintaining the highest possible grades in school. Haru is an impulsive, short-tempered brute who scares everyone with his violent outbursts. Haru is suspended on the first day of school after encountering some bullies harassing a student and dispatching them with great bloody violence.

Mizutani is assigned the task of delivering school supplies to Haru, who interprets this as an act of friendship and latches on to Mizutani, much to her chagrin. And so a strange and potentially explosive relationship begins!

5. Black Clover

Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy


Asta, an orphan who is overly loud and energetic in a world full of magic, possesses none. Despite this, he aspires to be the Wizard King, a title bestowed upon the Clover Kingdom’s strongest mage. Yuno, Asta’s childhood friend and rival, shares the same ambition and has been endowed with the ability to control powerful wind magic. Even with such a large gap between them, Asta trains his body every day in the hopes of awakening his magical abilities and catching up to Yuno.

When a person reaches the age of 15, they are eligible to receive their Grimoire, an item that allows its wielder to fully utilise their magic. Yuno receives a Grimoire with a legendary four-leaf clover, indicating the wielder’s exceptional strength, while Asta waits in vain for his. Asta, feeling defeated but unwilling to give up, witnesses Yuno being apprehended by a mage who is attempting to steal Yuno’s special Grimoire. Despite being completely outmatched by Yuno’s captor, Asta’s determination to fight on earns him his very own Grimoire, complete with an unheard-of black five-leaf clover.

4. My Hero Academia

Genres: Action, Comedy


A four-year-old boy had an epiphany one day: the world isn’t fair. Eighty percent of the world’s population possesses special abilities known as “quirks,” which have given many people the ability to fulfil their childhood dreams of becoming a superhero. Unfortunately, Izuku Midoriya was one of the few people born without a quirk, and as a result, she faced discrimination. But he refuses to give up on his dream of becoming a hero, and he sets his sights on the elite hero training academy, UA High, determined to achieve the impossible.

Everything changes, however, after a chance encounter with the number one hero and Izuku’s idol, All Might. When the powerless boy realises that his dream is not a pipe dream, he undergoes special training and works harder than ever before. This eventually leads to him inheriting All Might’s power, and with his newfound abilities, he enrols in his preferred school, beginning his arduous journey to become the successor of the world’s greatest hero.

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3. Jujutsu Kaisen

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural


An age-old conflict rages on in plain sight. From the shadows, supernatural monsters known as “Curse” terrorise humanity, and powerful humans known as “Jujutsu” sorcerers use mystical arts to exterminate them. When Yuuji Itadori, a high school student, discovers a dried-up finger of the legendary Curse Sukuna Ryoumen, he finds himself drawn into this bloody conflict.

Attacked by a Curse drawn to the finger’s power, Yuuji makes a reckless decision to protect himself, gaining the ability to combat Curses but unwittingly reintroducing the malicious Sukuna into the world. Despite the fact that Yuuji can control and confine Sukuna to his own body, the Jujutsu world regards Yuuji as a dangerous, high-level Curse that must be eradicated.

Yuuji, who has been imprisoned and sentenced to death, meets Satoru Gojou, a teacher at Jujutsu High School, who explains that, despite his impending execution, there is an alternative for him. Because Yuuji was a rare vessel to Sukuna, if he died, Sukuna would perish as well. As a result, if Yuuji consumes the many other remnants of Sukuna, Yuuji’s subsequent execution would effectively eliminate the malicious demon. Yuuji enrols in Jujutsu High, diving headfirst into a harsh and unforgiving battlefield in order to make the world a little safer and live his life a little longer.

2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Genres: Action, Supernatural

Chapters: 207

Tanjirou Kamado lives on a remote mountain with his impoverished family. After his father died, he took on the responsibility of ensuring his family’s survival as the oldest sibling. On a cold winter day, he travels to the nearby village to sell charcoal. As dusk falls, he is forced to spend the night in the home of a curious man who warns him of strange creatures who prowl the night: malevolent demons hungry for human flesh.

Tanjirou’s worst nightmare comes true when he finally returns home. Except for his sister Nezuko, who has turned into a flesh-eating demon, his entire family has been brutally slaughtered. Tanjirou, engulfed in hatred and despair, desperately tries to stop Nezuko from attacking others, embarking on a journey to avenge his family and find a way to transform his beloved sister back into a human.

1. One Piece

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy


The World Government has scheduled the execution of Gol D. Roger, dubbed the “Pirate King.” However, just before his death, he confirms the existence of a great treasure known as One Piece, which is located somewhere within the vast ocean known as the Grand Line. The Pirate King is executed after announcing that One Piece can be claimed by anyone worthy of reaching it, and the Great Age of Pirates begins.

Twenty-two years later, a young man named Monkey D. Luffy is ready to embark on his own adventure in search of One Piece and the title of Pirate King. Armed only with a straw hat, a small boat, and an elastic body, he embarks on a fantastic journey to gather his own crew and a worthy ship to take them across the Grand Line to claim the highest status on the high seas.


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