11 best gyaru anime for gal lovers

11 Best Gyaru Anime for all the gal lovers

Are you looking for gyaru anime, then you came to the right place.Gyaru is a subculture of women, also known as “Gyaru girls,” who dress in various styles of Japanese street fashion. Gyaru girls are distinguished by their heavily bleached or dyed hair, tanned skin, elaborately decorated nails, and dramatic makeup. Gyaru comes in a variety of varieties, including Ganguro, Kogyaru, and Himegyaru.

The number of anime with gyaru or gal main charatacters are not as much as manga but there are some gyaru anime. I have researched and find some gyaru anime for you guys, i hope you find some of the animes interesting.

so, without farther delay lets start the list of 11 best gyaru anime.

11. The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls

Uzuki Shimamura is a young student who aspires to be an idol. After failing her first audition, Uzuki is informed by a producer from 346 Productions that she has been chosen for the “Cinderella Project,” a new idol group. However, the project still lacks two other members, so the producer must seek out suitable candidates.

The producer’s gaze is drawn to Rin Shibuya, who is involved in an altercation with an irate crowd. While the imposing producer defends her, the two of them are arrested and questioned by police before being released after some explanation. Taking advantage of the situation, he scouts Rin for the Cinderella Project, only to be rejected. Will the producer be able to find two more idol group members?

10. Nyan Koi!

Everyone around Kousaka seems to adore cats, but the teen can’t stand them due to allergies. Kousaka is irritated to say the least when he wakes up one day and can hear what every feline is saying.

His new “gift” appears to be the result of accidentally breaking an enshrined cat statue; worse, Kousaka must atone for his sin and appease the vengeful spirit by assisting one hundred kitties in need, or become a furry feline himself! Now, in addition to assisting various cats with mundane and trivial issues, Kousaka must try to dispel the jinx and salvage his self-respect – not to mention his love life – along the way.

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9. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

gyaru anime

To the average person, psychic abilities may appear to be a blessing; however, for Kusuo Saiki, this could not be further from the truth. He considers his so-called blessing to be nothing more than a curse, despite the fact that he possesses a wide range of supernatural abilities ranging from telepathy to x-ray vision. As the inconveniences caused by his powers mount, all Kusuo wants is a normal, trouble-free life—a life where ignorance is bliss.

Unfortunately, the life of a psychic is anything but peaceful. Though Kusuo tries to avoid the spotlight by keeping his powers hidden from his classmates, he inadvertently attracts the attention of a slew of strange characters, including the empty-headed Riki Nendou and the delusional Shun Kaidou. Forced to deal with the craziness of those around him, Kusuo discovers that the ordinary life he has been pursuing is far more difficult to achieve than he anticipated.

8. Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

“I just cried because a girl in a lower grade made me cry!” Senpai goes to the library after school one day and becomes the target of a super sadistic junior! “Nagatoro!” is the name of the girl who teases, torments, and tantalises Senpai. She’s both annoying and endearing. Even though it’s painful, you still want to be by her side. This is a storey about a sadistic and temperamental girl, and you will feel something awaken inside of you as you read it.

7. Super GALS!

gal anime

Kotobuki Ran has a long line of relatives who work in law enforcement. Her aunts and uncles are police officers, her father is a police chief, and her brother is a working cop. Ran has no desire to be a cop; she has her own problems and her own way of dealing with them – the GAL way!

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Friends require boyfriends, shoes must be purchased, and nails must be done. Despite Ran’s irresponsible and troublesome behaviour, she has a strong sense of justice and is always willing to assist her friends in getting out of trouble. They live life as GALs with her two best friends, Miyu and Aya, creating romance and memorable fun!

6. My First Girlfriend is a Gal

gyaru anime

A new school year begins, as does the season of new experiences. Hashiba Jun’ichi’s mind is filled with distress as he surveys his class full of couples, asking himself, “Why am I still a virgin?!” Jun’ichi, having heard from his friends that kowtowing to a girl is the simplest way to fulfil his long-held desire to graduate from the Fellowship of Virgins, does just that and asks his classmate Yukana out. And, believe it or not, she agrees to date him. What will happen to Jun’ichi now?

5. Gal & Dino

gyaru anime

After a night of drinking, Kaede awakens to find that she had brought an unexpected guest home with her—a dinosaur! Kaede simply accepts her new living situation and goes with the flow. She now goes about her daily life with her prehistoric roommate, eating, watching TV, and shopping. The pair enjoys each other’s company as they face the challenges of the day.

4. Please tell me! Galko-chan

gyaru anime

At first glance, Galko, Otako, and Ojou appear to be three high school girls who would have nothing in common. Galko is a social butterfly with a reputation for being a party animal, despite the fact that, despite her outward appearance, she is actually innocent and good-hearted.

Otako is a plain-looking girl with a sarcastic personality and an obsession with manga. And Ojou is a wealthy young lady with impeccable social graces, though she can be a little forgetful at times. Despite their differences, the three are best friends who enjoy discussing various myths and asking candid questions about the female body.

Oshiete! Galko-chan is a lighthearted and amusing look at three very different girls and their candid conversations about themselves and their daily lives. No topic is too safe or too sensitive for them to joke about—even if Galko occasionally appears to be embarrassed by their discussions!

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3. Citrus

Yuzuko Aihara, a high school girl who enjoys fashion, friends, and having fun, is about to face a rude awakening. Yuzu has transferred to a new, all-girls school that is extremely strict as a result of her mother’s remarriage.

Her formal education is about to start. Yuzu, the happy-go-lucky student, makes enemies from the start, namely the beautiful but stern Student Council President Mei. So what happens when a depressed Yuzu returns home and discovers the shock of her life: Mei is her new step-sister who has moved in with her? Even more surprising, what does it all mean when Mei catches Yuzu off guard and kisses her out of nowhere?

2. How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?

Hibiki Sakura’s love of food is causing her to gain weight. In an effort to lose weight, she visits her local gym, only to discover two problems: it’s a haven for intimidating body builders, and her classmate Akemi has a strangely aggressive muscle obsession. Hibiki bites the bullet and begins her quest for a hot bod after meeting her handsome personal trainer, Machio!

1. My Dress-Up Darling

gal anime

Wakana Gojou, a doll-artisan hopeful, spends his days as a loner, finding solace in his high school’s home ec room, after being traumatised by a childhood incident with a friend who objected to his love of traditional dolls.

People like beautiful Marin Kitagawa, a trendy girl who is always surrounded by a swarm of friends, are practically aliens from another world to Wakana. When cheerful Marin—never one to be shy—spots Wakana sewing one day after school, she barges in with the intention of luring her quiet classmate into her secret hobby: cosplay! Will Wakana’s wounded heart be able to withstand this sexy alien’s invasion?!


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